Letters to the Editor

Letter: Carbon fee and dividend proposal a partial solution to climate change

It's kind of curious when you think about it. People who deny that global warming and attendant climate change are occurring often decry the economic cost of doing something about it, but pay no attention to the costs of dealing with the consequences of ignoring it.

Dan Newhouse, for example, thinks that climate change is so unimportant that it doesn't make his top 10 list of things he wants to deal with as an elected official. Yet he wants the federal government to provide money to deal with the fires in Eastern Washington.

Treat the symptoms but ignore the cause. The cost of treating the symptoms, droughts, fires, heat stroke, higher food prices — and who knows what else — is only going up for us all.

You would think that reasonable people would want to head off disasters instead of paying for the costly repairs. But these are not reasonable times. The idea of charging a fee on carbon emissions and returning the funds collected to, of all people, ourselves seems eminently reasonable.

We should be asking Dan Newhouse to consider the carbon fee and dividend proposal as at least a partial solution to the vexing problem of unprecedented climate change.

Edward Rykiel