Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fingerprint ID in school lunch program is violation of rights

I am at a complete loss for words as to the lack of outcry following the news stories about elementary schools in Kennewick using fingerprint ID in their school lunch program.

This is a clear violation of our children’s constitutional rights. Even the police must get a warrant to obtain fingerprints from an individual in an investigation. It will never be right to use this kind of identification system on our kids. It is a breach of their most basic rights. This has to end.

The program they are using is internet-based, with the information stored on the cloud. Think back at how many major breaches in internet security there have been in just the last two years. Big corporations like Blue Cross/Blue Shield and even federal databases have been hacked. You are the only one that should keep a copy of your child’s fingerprints.

This is nothing less than criminal invasion of privacy in the guise of convenience. We have wonderful technology available to us in all levels of our society. Just because we have the technology does not mean we should use it. It is deplorable that these schools have chosen this path.

Patricia Guenther