Letters to the Editor

Letter: Primary should be moved to March 8

The Washington State Republican Party believes all voters ought to have a say in the selection process for their party’s presidential nominee. There are 12 days left to move the primary to March 8 (from the current date of May 24). The secretary of state can reconvene the special committee, and the vote of just one Democrat is needed to join with the other committee members (and the majority of state voters) in allowing a March 8 primary.

For the past two decades, every Primary has been moved to February or March. Why, in a year when the contests have garnered so much interest (a new record for CNN in all-time ratings for the 9/16 debate) should we put Washington in the back row of primaries, when we could have a front row seat?

Urge your readers to contact the state Democratic Party at 206-583-0664 and the secretary of state at mail@sos.wa.gov or 360-902-4151. A citizen uprising could change 2016 election history!

Chairman Susan Hutchison

Washington State Republican Party