Letters to the Editor

Letter: Segregating by age in school and sports not a good thing

Dan K. Thomasson in his Aug. 12 op-ed column speaks of problems with socialization in home schooling. This reminds me of a problem in our education and youth sporting system. That is keeping children with other children of the same age. Nowhere else in life does this segregation by age happen. In the real world you have to work and get along with people of all ages.

Separating children into such narrow age groups gives the older 5-year-olds, for example, a great advantage over the younger. Same thing in sport. If a child is born near the cutoff for the age group, she is nearly a year younger than a child born just after the cutoff. Guess who makes it in professional sports most often?

Home schooling does not compartmentalize by age. These kids, for one thing, spend a lot of time with a parent. Also homeschool groups bring children of several ages together for many purposes. There is no requirement to keep up with “peers” so they advance academically according to their abilities rather than their age. And they don’t have to compete against other children that can be nearly a year older than they are.

James Grohs