Letters to the Editor

Letter: Please keep your dogs away from people in public places

While I am aware of the strong feelings many pet owners have for their dogs, I’m becoming more certain that those same pet owners don't have a clue how their feelings of ownership do NOT entitle them to thrust the presence of their pet into the company of the public.

So I leave. But I felt it only fair to inform the local businesses that they do not get as much of my money and in some places none at all.

In the last five days I have left the following public establishments because of the presence of a canine: a hardware store, a craft store, a wholesale foods store, a regular grocery store, a restaurant and a farmers market.

I was attacked by a dog as a 3 year old, and required a trip to emergency and numerous stitches. If I am successful in hiding my anxiety upon seeing a dog in an unexpected place, it is only from the humans. The dogs can smell my fear. And the dog doesn’t have to be out of control or threatening for it to feel like a threat to me.

Keke Dwyer