Letters to the Editor

Letter: Failure to hold Pasco police accountable compounds tragedy of Zambrano-Montes’ death

I support law enforcement, but I do not support police misconduct.

Shawn Sant’s failure to hold Pasco police officers accountable for the fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes compounds the tragedy of his shooting death. Now there will be no incentive to change police policies or improve police training to diminish the likelihood of a recurrence of this unfortunate incident.

The Special Investigations Unit, the Pasco Police Department and the Franklin County Prosecutor’s office have been discredited by their failure to provide justice for a community member killed by excessive use of force by police officers.

Civil action may bring a remedy for the Zambrano family, but what must happen to restore community confidence in local law enforcement?

Independent citizen oversight of police would enable citizens to recommend improvements to policing policies and practices with assurance that necessary change would be made.

Also, improved mental health services would provide treatment so that a citizen might not be a threat to or be threatened by police.

The lessons learned and applied as a consequence of this regrettable taking of life will take time but must happen to help us, as a community, become safer, more empathetic, more humane and just.

Tom Staly