Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump lobs insults and empty promises at people

After eight years hearing the same thing, the “Great White Hope” (Donald Trump) has arrived to show everyone that if you’re going to lob insults and empty promises at people, do it right.

Aside from his delivery on steroids, nothing has changed. Dump Obamacare (again) build taller fences, carpet bomb the Middle East, expand the military, search out and deport immigrant families before they rape and murder. Scoop up anchor babies and throw them over the fence. Modify the Constitution to allow letting the dogs out on all gangs and Mexicans.

We have to clean up the country! That includes Megyn Kelly, politicians who disagree, the Supreme Court. Bring back corporations long gone. He is nonunion and hires undocumented workers so probably no taxes and cheap labor for returnees.

The “Great White Hype” is an ego maniac. He claims to be worth $10 billion, which he flaunts constantly. If you want to follow this guy on the road to superiority, find out superior to who, and where you are on the list — after Mexicans, then who? Now is the time for your fear? Not after we discover the fence also holds people in.

C.G. Navejar