Letters to the Editor

Letter: Staff and volunteers take pride in Sacajawea State Park

I was dismayed to read the letter to the editor by Patsy Morgan about the poor condition of Sacajawea State Park. As a longtime employee at Sacajawea, it was unsettling that Ms. Morgan would publicly complain about the park without checking facts first.

Staff or volunteers could have easily explained to her what the problem at the park was. The truth of the matter was that the irrigation system had several unusual failures all at the same time, making diagnosis and repair extremely difficult. Maintenance staff worked very diligently to try and make the repairs, but unfortunately, the lawn and trees had no water for nearly a month. Staff went so far as to hand water the many young trees.

The staff and volunteers take pride in the park and did not just let the park go. With the irrigation back on, we expect the park to return to its normal lush state. It takes a tremendous amount of work, expertise, and also money to keep any park operating.

Instead of complaining, I would ask Ms. Morgan to volunteer at the park and make a real difference.

Reade Obern