Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump campaign moving like a juggernaut

Mr. Trump is on a roll. His campaign is moving like a juggernaut and other candidates don’t know how to stop. One analyst likened him to a guest who came for dinner and never left.

Most of the other 16 Republican candidates are hanging on to their super PACs trying to figure out what to do. He dismissed Jeb Bush (next to him in polls) as a candidate — with a huge super PAC — having no energy.

Furthermore, Donald appears to be providing the talking points, as well, to other Republican candidates. Jeb Bush picked up on the birth-right citizenship issue that was originally raised by Trump. Ted Cruz appears to be working to be Trump’s running mate by endorsing and not criticizing him. Of course, he has been called a few names, such as “cancer on conservatism.”

However, the most amazing part of Mr. Trump’s campaign, thus far, is that he has defeated the big super PAC holders and is rolling past them, leaving them in the dust. His poll numbers are only going up. Interesting!

Jack Kalia