Letters to the Editor

Letter: Community will remember Pasco School Board at election time

I support Pasco teachers and I’m ashamed of the Pasco School Board and its administration. It appears that we have board members who answer to the administration rather than the taxpayers who elected them. Sneaking out the back door after calling an executive session so you don’t have to face voters?

The strike is not about pay even though administration wages have risen far more than teacher salaries. The strike is about kids who are being shortchanged by the board’s refusal to provide up-to-date learning materials. Good teachers are already in short supply, yet you’ve done your best to treat them so poorly that I can’t imagine why anyone would want to teach in Pasco.

Board members should take note of the strong community support being shown for the teachers. We are the people who elected you and we will have long memories at election time. You have done severe damage to the teachers, to the children and to our community as a whole. Shame on you! And if the judge imposes fines against the teachers for violating his back to work order, I will be among the first to write a check to help teachers pay the fines!

Mike Berriochoa