Letters to the Editor

Letter: Have Pasco classrooms become day care centers?

“District spokeswoman Leslee Caul, reading from a prepared statement at a news conference after the hearing, said the district would not have pursued a court order if the strike was not harming children, specifically those families who had to scramble to secure childcare or find food they thought their child would get from school meals.”

That was a quote in the Sept. 9 TCH. Harming children … I find this to be unbelievably offensive. I wish someone could describe to me the physical, mental, emotional abuse one child felt during this strike. In fact, I would think the district would want their teachers feeling less stressed (having EVERYTHING they need) to properly educate our area youth.

The second part of that statement is about childcare … scrambling to find childcare and food. Was the district worried about childcare and food for the area youth during the summer vacations? Probably not.

Average childcare in the state runs around $9k to $10k per child (source: childcare of America, 2013). If our schools have become a place of daycare rather than education, just give the teachers $10k per child in their classrooms. We probably would not have another strike, ever.

Support our communities … our teachers.

Jason Lee