Letters to the Editor

Letter: Crucial that Pasco educators be better equipped

It’s too bad that the situation with the Pasco teachers strike can’t be used as a teaching lesson. This is a little case of history repeating itself.

Especially for the fact that Pasco has a much higher percentage of Hispanics, this can relate to the Los Angeles walkouts in the late 1960s when students walked out because they wanted better education than what their schools and the districts were providing.

They walked out and were beat and arrested by cops for standing up for what they believed was right and ultimately got national attention, and with that attention got better curriculum and much needed attention to help better educate the Hispanic community.

Same in this instance with the teachers. They are fighting for better curriculum to better educate their students and to make sure that they are prepared for their years of learning to come — whether it be middle school, high school, or even higher education.

I believe it is crucial that the Pasco educators be better equipped with what they deserve and what their students deserve to help them with all of their future endeavors. Support Pasco teachers!

JayR Valdez