Letters to the Editor

Letter: Disparity of wealth crisis plays out in Pasco teacher strike

The growing gap between the America’s wealthy and the working class is alarming. The news is full of articles and statistics regarding it. I’ve heard some call it the New Gilded Age. We see the disparity of wealth crisis played out in Pasco, in microcosm.

In a time of drastic teacher shortage (TCH editorial, Aug. 30), teachers are bargaining with employers for fair pay and quality working conditions. (Relatively low pay for a demanding master degree job is certainly a factor.) While a school district is hardly Dale Carnegie, one can point out that unions, bargaining on the behalf of workers, were largely responsible for the end of the Gilded Age and the broadening of the American middle class, not a government-mandated minimum wage.

We should not expect the solution for America’s current undemocratic shift in income to come from D.C., like angels from above, but from the hard work of grassroots workers. America should not ask why Pasco teachers unify for better pay and working conditions but wonder why everyone else does not.

Matthew Ruane