Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pasco strike about money, not curriculum

It appears to me that the Pasco teachers are misled with union tactics. The teachers should be ashamed of themselves; not only for the way they are behaving; for the training of children to be obstinate by bringing them to the picket lines.

These striking teachers aren’t really about curriculum first; it’s about money. Teachers (a noble profession) are saying that the current curriculum and lack of monetary support and school administrators are remiss and this has been going on for many years. Teachers have decided to fix years of resentment at this time and claim the administrators leave them “no option” but to strike. That is not true; teachers do have an option. The teachers union is leading the teachers to use union bully tactics.

I am not anti-union, but I do recognize the difference between right and wrong. Teachers belong in the classrooms as scheduled, by the way; the next time teachers get a paycheck note that the taxpayers, not the union, is paying them. If you want to manage, become an administrator; if you want to teach, exercise your option and teach.

Michael Coffey