Letters to the Editor

Letter: Put Pasco students first with new textbooks and curriculum

One phone call. That’s all it takes. The argument teachers have against the administration is that they don’t have a curriculum for the students. The administration has stonewalled the teachers with unfulfilled promises of curriculum sometime in the future.

Come on, is it really that difficult? How many thousands of school districts across the country have an already established curriculum in place that may meet the needs of Pasco’s “unique” school district? I’m positive there are at least a few districts around the country with a large Hispanic population and similar socioeconomic status.

All it takes is a phone call or two — not a bloated, overpaid, ineffective administration that can’t promise new curriculum until study after study is completed. Make the call — benchmark off the successes of high performing districts, divert a few million dollars set aside for a preschool nobody wants or take the salaries of the curriculum study panel members and actually take care of the students first with new textbooks and curriculum — this year.

If the education of the students is what’s most important, it’s time to put students first.

Darrin Hall