Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stutzman was within her rights

I shake my head in disbelief. Day after day I read the letters to the editor reference Arlene’s Flowers and Ms. Stutzman.

And day after day I read about that big meanie, Ms. Stutzman, and how she deserves to be tarred and feathered, have her business burned to the ground and the name Arlene’s Flowers erased from the business records for all time because she refused to sell flowers to a gay couple. People! She did not refuse to sell them flowers, she refused to participate in their wedding. Big difference.

Ms. Stutzman was within her rights to refuse participation no matter what the reason. You don’t sue the butcher because he won’t come to your house and help cook dinner after you buy a roast from him.

Come on people, stop being more concerned about political correctness than individual rights.

Ed Kennelly