Letters to the Editor

Letter: Do something about dangerous intersection at Arthur Street and Clearwater Avenue

Arthur Street at Clearwater Avenue is dangerous. As a parent of a high school student I have witnessed so many near misses and, today, an accident as vehicles turn left on to Clearwater.

For the last 10 years I have watched students run across the street and come close to being hit. I was almost broadsided by a pickup while it was turning left on to Clearwater. Five students and I screamed in terror as I swerved into the turn lane to miss being hit.

Today I watched a motorcyclist hit a car that was turning left. The driver didn’t see the bike until it was too late. As I reached the man lying on the pavement, held his hand, talked to him, prayed the paramedics would come fast, and kept him from moving, it all became surreal. All I could say to the police officer was, “I hate this intersection.”

It is unsafe. How many more people are going to be injured there before action is taken? Today I was thankful for a helmet that saved a head. I was thankful the two students that ran across Clearwater before the accident weren’t involved in the crash. Do something!

Angie Schwartz