Letters to the Editor

Letter: Withdraw the lawsuit against Arlene’s Flowers

The lawsuit brought by Attorney General Bob Ferguson against Arlene’s Flowers and Baronelle Stutzman is based on a totally false premise; that she discriminated against customers because they were gay.

Baronelle served Rob for nine years and considered him to be a friend as well as a customer. She has served other customers, as well as employing persons who identified as gay.

When Baronelle “does a wedding,” she is closely involved in many details of the event. In her own words, “I become like a second mom.” She meets with the wedding party, decorates the location, and is there on the day of the ceremony to make sure everything is just right. This is the service she was not willing to provide, because she believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.

For declining to provide these services, Baronelle stands to lose her business as well as her home and savings. This is wrong and needs to be stopped! If you agree and want to make a difference, contact your legislators and city council members and urge them to support religious freedom legislation and call on Attorney General Bob Ferguson to withdraw this unjust lawsuit.

Ken Reithmayr