Letters to the Editor

Letter: Parents please keep skateboarding children off streets and roads.

The picture of the two 12 year olds skateboarding (Aug. 14, Page A1) sent chills up and down my spine. Skateboarding done safely in the proper place is fine, but the road is not that place. The boys are in the road, not on the shoulder.

Did they walk their skateboards around the blind curve? Where are the helmets? Being on a skateboard, reacting quickly and jumping out of the way of an oncoming vehicle could be more problematic than if they were on foot. Very disturbingly, my observations over time show that those two boys’ in-road skateboarding without helmets is not by any means unique.

Parents, please keep your skateboarding children properly equipped and off the streets and roads. Number one rule of safety: if it is not safe, then don’t do it! That means even if not doing it amounts to giving up some “fun.”

Once the tragedy has occurred it is too late to be safe. Let’s not ever get to the point of prolonged medical treatment or death, the grief, the suffering, and the accompanying lawsuits, and maybe even demands for “justice,” which would result from a tragic mishap. It can happen to you, not just the other guy.

William R. Clarke