Letters to the Editor

Letter: Angels in disguise are around us

Angels in disguise. I see them everywhere.

Trekking toward a door, a cane in each hand and stuff in a bag hanging from my shoulder, someone rushes to open the door for me. Or someone who just emerged stops and returns to reopen the door for me. It happens every day.

Angels in disguise are around us.

People’s intrinsic goodness emerges when they see the playing field isn’t level.

We’re lucky and grateful, those of us with disabilities others can see. Others with less visible needs: those with emotional disorders or addictions, those abused or neglected as children or in old age, those who can’t find work — at some level most people, truth be told, also need the kindness of others.

The TCH last week merged Thankful Thursday letters with other letters to the editor as appreciative letters dwindled ... and I regretted not writing sooner.

John Yegge