Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lack of forest management is disturbing

The Washington wildfires are disturbing. But what is possibly more disturbing in the complete lack of forest management by the state or the National Park Service.

I heard that they were frantically cutting fire breaks in the side of a hill to stop the advance of the fire. My question is why do they wait until there is a fire to cut fire breaks. In my humble opinion, the park service should have a planned-out fire management system that sections the entire forest for either storm-caused or man-made fires.

I understand that this may not be the most aesthetically appealing way to picture a forest, but I think it looks much better than a blackened mess. Why can’t the Forest Service do some planning and make fire breaks when they have some time instead of when there are fires with extra people in the woods and all in a rush. Makes no sense to me.

Ron Seidl

West Richland