Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thanks to Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond for respect and openness

Thank you Franklin County citizens for electing Jim Raymond as Franklin County sheriff.

My 13-year-old daughter, Anna, was murdered in 1997, one of 24 area cold cases.

What was different with this new sheriff? He included me in the case. Never before in 16 years was I treated with such respect, kindness and openness. He took the time and effort to sit down and discuss the case, he answered questions I have had for two decades. This takes the stress off of me, giving me hope and reason. I don’t believe he will ever close his door on me.

According to the International Association of Police Chiefs, this approach not only benefits the victims and co-victims but the department and community. “It decreases lack of follow ups, increases community partnerships and improves community relations. Translated, a more efficient and effective functioning department.” Hence, crimes are solved, communities become more secure and tax dollars are saved.

I have watched and been involved in safe communities for decades. Our system and law enforcement ARE changing. We have to stay involved, must keep pushing forward and be smart about who we put into office.

Thank you Sheriff Raymond.

Christine Pelayo