Letters to the Editor

Letter: Planned Parenthood should live up to its claims

The editorial cartoon in the Aug. 21 TCH ignores the elephant in the room. Few dispute that Planned Parenthood provides some health care to women (although there are hundreds of other facilities around the country that do as well), but its attempt to convince us that the killing and dismembering of babies for sale of their “parts” is somehow overshadowed by “all the other good they do” fails miserably.

Planned Parenthood would like us to believe they are a “women’s health organization.” I believe we should make them live up to this claim. When they discontinue performing abortions, contraception and sterilizations and turn 100 percent of their medical practice to the care and protection of women and children from conception to natural death, I will be the first to sing their praises.

Mike Valentine

West Richland