Letters to the Editor

Letter: Three questions about Arlene’s Flowers

Councilmen John Trumbo and Bob Hoffman, as well as many Christians, support Arlene’s Flowers refusal to arrange flowers for a gay wedding because of religious objection.

I assume the religious objection is based on Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-27, and Corinthians 6:9, all of which forbid homosexuality, although gay marriage is not specifically mentioned. Assuming that the cited scripture is the basis for the right to refuse service, I would pose the following three questions.

(1) Leviticus 18:22 forbids tattoos, so does a restaurant owner have the right to refuse service to someone with a tattoo, based on scripture?

(2) If someone wanted to sell one of his daughters to me as a slave, as provided by Exodus 21:7 and Leviticus 25:44, should I have the right to buy her and use her as a slave, based on scripture?

(3) If a person works for Hobby Lobby on the true Sabbath, which is forbidden by Exodus 35:2, and which clearly states that the person should be put to death, do I have a right to murder that person, based on scripture?

Clearly, opposing secular law by claiming a right based on scripture is ridiculous.

Gary F. Boothe