Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trios finances on the right track

Others have pointed out inaccuracies by Jonathan Brenn in his letter about Trios finances (TCH, Aug. 3).

Let me point out another.

In late 2002 KGH did have a $1.7 million loss and by 2004 that had improved to a $551,162 gain. Brenn’s turnaround firm took out a full-page ad in Modern Healthcare touting its $2.5 million turnaround of Kennewick Public Hospital District..

That never happened.

Two months after Glen Marshall took over as CEO in December 2004, auditors reported that KGH’s financial statements had been overstated by nearly $5 million.

Factually, KGH lost about $4 million in 2004 or nearly double the loss that caused the board to bring in Brenn and his firm in the first place.

Marshall started his job here in a deep red hole and he has since pushed and pulled KGH — now Trios Health — into a thriving organization with $150 million in a new hospital and health care center with about 1,200 employees, an army of physicians and technicians and expanded specialty services.

Money was tight — as we knew it would be — but far from “riding off the rails,” as Brenn proclaims, we are on the right track.

Wanda Briggs

Kennewick Hospital Board Commissioner