Letters to the Editor

Letters: Nov. 7, 2019

When will D.C. go back to its job?

As I contemplate today’s politicians and their inability to tell the truth or work for the American people, I think back to a letter that my father wrote to a dear friend in 1951. He said, ”It may be very stupid in this practical day, but I still believe that working for one’s government is a privilege, abused though it may be by the short-sighted people who control its functions.”

My father worked for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) that later was renamed the Department of Energy (DOE) for almost 50 years. He was proud to work for the government and proud to work shoulder to shoulder with the men and women in the agency. His words give me both encouragement and concern. Hopefully what we see today back in Washington, D.C., is just a temporary phenomenon. That everything revolves in a circle and soon “they” will come to their senses and take up the people’s business. If not, we must hold the scoundrels accountable and run them out of office.

Lenny Perkins, Richland

Vietnam veterans welcomed at last

Congratulations and a huge “Thank You” to Columbia Basin Veterans Center along with Joetta Rupert and the help of her team and all the volunteers, who on Oct. 25 at the Three Rivers Convention Center organized, produced and brought together the Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Celebration Event. Over 900 people were in attendance with approximately 700 veterans, the event was held to welcome home Vietnam veterans who served in country or as the veteran would describe it, were “Boots on the Ground.”

The Welcome Home which many Vietnam veterans never received still invokes memories of returning home and being spat upon or called baby killers. Gen. James Mattis, USMC (Ret.) was the guest speaker, he gave an inspiring speech highlighting the service and legacy of the Vietnam veteran and was gracious enough to sign autographs and pose for photos for the majority of the evening.

The event meant to honor Veterans of the Armed Forces of U.S. and the Republic of Vietnam and a guest was free. For anyone else wishing to attend, it was $60.

I think I can speak for all who were in attendance in saying, “Thank you.”

Rockey Stoddard, Vietnam veteran, Kennewick

Betraying Kurds: Was it MAGA?

You, my fellow Americans, let that rascally George Bush lead us into Iraq like a Pied Piper. Once there, we found that many Iraqis were not grateful that we brought democracy in our search for weapons of mass deception. In fact, a democratically elected Iraqi government (let that read: a Shiite majority) told us to leave.

When we left, a Sunni extremist group reacting to a democratically elected Shiite government formed a Caliphate. That religious multi-tentacled beast reached its murderous arms across the globe: Minneapolis, Paris, London, Central Africa…, etc. With the help of our valiant Kurdish allies who died loyally for us, we defeated ISIS in its last controlled cities.

Now we’ve walked out, abandoned and betrayed an ally which stood by us. An ally unique in the Mideast, that accords equality to women. We watch as Turkish and Syrian forces destroy our friends. Betray an ally? Make America Great Again?

Robert L. Whitson, Richland