Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 30, 2019

Political ads are distressing to him

This needs to be said. I have heard at least two negative political ads on the radio lately that involve local nonpartisan races (like city council). This distresses me. In my opinion, if a person is so intellectually deficient that they can be affected by a paid advertisement, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote, period. And, I don’t need my peaceful retirement time to be disrupted by negativity.

Oops, one is playing on the radio as I write this. Help.

Eric Nordlof, Kennewick

Vote Mastaler for great schools

It gives us great pleasure to endorse and ask you to vote for the perfect fit for the Kennewick School Board – Pat Mastaler.

Pat has the right skill mix to be part of a leadership team to provide the children of Kennewick the best opportunity to succeed. He has a passion for kids, quality leadership,(is) business educated and a great guy. He has a proven financial background managing multi-million-dollar budgets for many years, of which he’s held management positions. After going through leadership Tri-Cities he served as the treasurer of the Alumni Board of Directors. He currently serves on the Junior Achievement Board and finance committee. His passion for kids is demonstrated by teaching JA financial literacy programs and substitute teaching in the classrooms in Kennewick. He has knowledge of the School Board activities, having served on the facilities and bond levy committees. He has demonstrated by volunteering his passion for the district and kids. He has the leadership qualities and fiduciary experience that best suits the needs of the Kennewick School Board.

A vote for Pat Mastaler will be a positive investment for the kids and residents of Kennewick!

Calvin and Heidi Dudney, Richland

Sundvik best for KSD students

I had the pleasure of working with Diane Sundvik before her retirement from 29 years in the Kennewick School District. In the six years I worked with her at Canyon View Elementary, I found her knowledge of the district and the students we work with to be invaluable. Diane has worked from elementary to high school and always has the best interest of students at heart. She is a champion for the arts and understands the needs of our community, especially its diversity. She is the best choice for KSD School Board and I am proud to say that she has my vote!

Kimberly Estes, Kennewick

Meadows picked for port position

I’ve had the opportunity to know V.J. Meadows for over 20 years. During that time I have admired her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our community.

She has vast professional experience that would be a huge asset to the Port of Kennewick. Her teamwork skills would be instrumental in solving the negative contention that is costing so much taxpayer’s money.

She has a focused vision for Port of Kennewick growth. Her fiscal skills will be a tremendous benefit.

I encourage you to go to her website at www.vjmeadowsforport.com/commissioner/ to learn more about her and see her huge list of endorsers.

Vote for V.J. Meadows for Port Commissioner Dist. 2.

Robert Green, Richland

Herald choice of Clough right on

I applaud the Tri-City Herald for endorsing Jay Clough for Richland School Board, Position 4. As a retired teacher, I understand why organizations of educators and parents are also supporting him. He supports and exemplifies my values of clarity, civility, transparency, responsibility and leadership, and puts the children first. I urge others with these values to vote for Jay.

Ann Eaton, Richland