Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 29, 2019

One man’s list of why to vote GOP

Vote Republican if you think:

1) Trump is honest and ethical; 2) Allegiance to Putin is more important than allegiance to Constitution; 3) (It’s) okay to covertly cover up corruption, collusion, obstruction for personal gain; 4) Okay to invite foreign interference (Russia, Ukraine, China and likely others we don’t know about) in democratic election process for personal gain; 5) Okay to betray Kurdish allies for personal gain; 6) Mexico is paying for Trump’s wall 7) Okay to use children as hostages because (of) Trump’s inability to formulate effective immigration policy; 8) Don’t believe in climate change; 9) Our planet needs more humans; 10) GDP is more important than a quality, habitable environment; 11) Okay with nepotism as justification for hiring unqualified personnel to fill Trump administration positions; 12) Okay for bone spurs to avoid draft then ridicule those with proven loyalty to America; 13) Party politics are more important than country and personal integrity.

Carl Grando, West Richland

Clough right pick for Richland board

I am supporting Jay Clough for Richland School Board Position 4.

Jay has proven himself to be the kind of person who can build relationships with people throughout the political spectrum. Jay has the endorsement of the Richland Education Association and numerous prominent local leaders.

Jay is open and approachable. Jay does not have an underlying agenda that seeks to impose one set of values over all others. He listens and seeks to understand all sides of an issue before proffering an opinion. Jay’s transparent and inclusive approach to leadership, along with his welcoming demeanor, make him the perfect candidate to fill this open seat. Jay’s presence on the Richland School Board will bring the cultural change that is needed to regain the trust of the citizens of Richland.

Please join me in voting for Jay Clough, Richland School Board.

Jeff Marzyck, Richland

Pat Mastaler for school board

I give my highest recommendation for Pat Mastaler for the Kennewick School Board. I have worked with Pat over the past dozen plus years on the KSD Facilities Planning Executive Committee and on KSD Levy and Bond Committees. Pat has also served as a para-educator, providing him firsthand experience in the classroom.

Pat has used his financing and planning expertise to help transform KSD schools and administration facilities into a sophisticated system to meet our current needs and those well into the future, all the while being very prudent about the use of taxpayer dollars. Through the Levy and Bond Committees, Pat has become very knowledgeable about state funding for our schools and how it impacts our local levy and bond efforts, which is of critical importance with the massive changes to the state funding system imposed by our Legislature a couple years ago.

No other candidate comes close to the breadth of experience Pat will bring to the KSD board.

Nick Castorina, Kennewick

Devagupta great, says ex-student

On behalf of Rama Devagupta, I would like to express my gratitude for her in hopes of encouraging the public to consider her for a position on the Richland School Board. As her former student, I have had the privilege of working very closely with her both inside and outside of the classroom. Contrary to popular belief, the job of an educator encompasses more than the curriculum and requires a specific skill set that she possesses. Consistently going above and beyond to acquire the necessary materials or training, she prioritizes the learning experience of her students above all else. In addition, she makes a conscious effort to ensure that each and every one of her students is aware that she can be a trusted adult in times of need, educationally related or not. She is a parent, an educator and an advocate, but most of all she is genuine.

An individual such as Rama, who seeks out opportunities to serve others, would be an asset to any team. It is because of her that I realized my potential to pursue my passions, and I hope that she can be given the opportunity to do the same for future generations.

Toby Dizon, Kennewick

You can count on Lemley to show up

I like local government officials who show up. Thank goodness the Tri-City Herald has endorsed Phil Lemley, who, unlike his opponent, has shown up at the candidate forums and Herald interview. Phil’s opponent has been conspicuously absent at every single one of these events.

What kind of political candidate is a perennial no-show? Perhaps one who is hiding.

I’ve seen her social media posts, many of which are hateful, vitriolic and show paranoia of a certain religion. It’s hard to believe that someone posting this poison publicly can possibly maintain civility in a setting such as City Council. It’s no wonder the Herald had to ban her from commenting due to lack of civility. I’m not surprised that she doesn’t show up at any event where she might be questioned about her views.

Phil Lemley is an amazing public servant. He has worked for us on Richland’s City Council for 10 years, and represented Richland’s interest in numerous state committees. We need Phil’s dedication to serving ALL Richland residents. This one’s a no-brainer. Please join me in voting for Phil Lemley!

Barbara A. Chen, Richland

Sundvik right for Kennewick board

I am writing this letter to publicly support Diane Sundvik for Kennewick School Board Position 5. Diane is an experienced educator who understands the complex needs of the children in our district. She understands that an education is more than test scores and that the students who take those tests need a well rounded education that includes the arts and prepares them to be successful people, not just successful test-takers.

Diane has served as a tireless advocate for our teachers, support professionals, students and schools. With over 35 years of experience in education, Diane has first-hand knowledge to address the needs and issues facing our children and schools. She understands the challenges and is ready to meet them in a thoughtful manner that considers the needs of both students and teachers. This is the experience and perspective I want to see on our school board.

It is paramount that the school board understands that education is not a business. My goal for my children is for them to love learning, and I want schools and a district that reflect that value. Diane is the voice I want to represent me, my children and my community.

Heidi Sant, Kennewick

Torelli pragmatic, problem solver

My husband, Don, and I have known Chuck Torelli for over a decade, and have been impressed with his civic sense of responsibility, which he has turned into action. He is currently serving on the Kennewick City Council, Position 5, and is running for that position in the election.

Chuck focuses on pragmatic and responsible policies that are critical to our economic environment and producing well-paying jobs. He champions visionary projects at Vista Field and Columbia Gardens. He worked on Kennewick’s comprehensive plan for improvement of infrastructure, which included investment in our economy, roads and public facilities, while maintaining a responsible budget. Chuck Torelli is a problem solver and experienced leader, who will promote policies that best serve our residents and community.

Dottie Stevens, Kennewick