Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 27, 2019

Can’t make this stuff up

Democrats want to impeach a president for trying to expose a crime and then elect the person who committed the crime. Can’t make this stuff up, folks. Truth sounds like hate to those that hate truth. Too many people in the media cannot seem to tell the difference between reporting the news and creating propaganda. Haven’t you figured it out yet? It’s not Trump’s “corruption,” it’s about making sure you don’t find out about the Dems’ corruption.

The simple fact that the Democrats are more angry about Donald Trump looking into Joe Biden’s corruption than they are at Joe Biden’s corruption tells you all you need to know. Oh, and who defines “hate speech” that is now punishable in England by a fine, imprisonment or both? Do you believe the Republic is worth praying and fighting for? “Those that turn their swords into plowshares will plow for those that didn’t.”-- Thomas Jefferson. Amazing how he clearly saw ahead to the 21st century and the rise of Leftist haters of the Constitution and The Bible and Personal Freedom.

Steve Panther, West Richland

Evangelicals get aboard on climate

As a climate scientist I am often asked, “Do you believe in global warming?” “No,” I reply, “800,000 years of data from the Antarctic ice cores have convinced me of the essential role of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane in amplifying the ice age cycles, and the surge in concentrations of those in the last 150 years is undeniably driven by fossil fuel use, production of several foods and burning forests.”

Some people trust my word because I am an accomplished climate scientist, so in a way they are believing in global warming. But it’s important to remember the urgency of the call to end the emissions driving global warming is based not on faith but on facts.

Thanks to Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian and climate scientist named by Time Magazine as one the 100 most influential people in the world, the faith community is increasingly recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis. Evangelical Christian organizations such as the Evangelical Climate Initiative, the Evangelical Environment Network, and Young Evangelicals for Climate Action have embraced the responsibility of humanity to serve as stewards of the Earth, and advocate policies to reduce the emissions driving global warming. Check them out.

Steve Ghan, Richland

Elect Dems to save democracy

Democrats must take the reins of government or our democracy will be lost to oligarchy.

The Republican regime ended fully free elections when a partisan Supreme Court authorized unlimited bribery via their Citizens United ruling. ‘Dark money’ contributors screwed Americans by funneling money to Republican candidates, in part through the morally bankrupt National Rifle Association.

Republican Pete Sessions received oligarch money and in exchange manipulated our insecure president into dismissing career diplomat Yovanovich. All this to advance the president’s personal political interests.

No one now trusts the U.S. government, having the laughingstock ‘Ahmadinijad-like’ president we do. The Republican Party has no will to oppose Putin, so expect more Russian invasions, as Ukraine.

We must remove the president and those appointees who have violated their oaths of office. Impeachment consideration should be given to: the president, the vice president, the attorney general, the secretary of state, Justice Brett Kavanaugh and likely more, as evidence is developed.

A prompt and effective impeachment process is the best way forward to restore fair elections and improve American lives. Support impeachment, the Constitution’s proper remedy for the crimes committed by Republican Party leaders. Democrats lead the way.

Work for a Democratic candidate. Make a difference.

Ivar Husa, Richland

Farmers still have common sense

Why do most Republicans live in the middle of the United States, while most Democrats live in cities? Because the middle of the country is made up of farmers, who still have common sense.

Why is it that most Democrats will not watch Fox news? Which is the only one that gives you the real news that is balanced? There is a reason that most of the other news (organizations) are totally biased, and therefore are labeled as fake news.

Are you aware of Judicial Watch? This is a nonpartisan investigative group that is exposing the corruption that was rampant in the Obama administration which is ongoing. That the Attorney General that is investigating Mr. Comey for disclosing classified information to achieve a personal vendetta against our president. According to the Attorney General’s report, no one has been more thoroughly disgraced than Comey. You also will not see in fake news that six illegals MS 13 gang members brutally murdered a Maryland man.

Why do elderly Americans such as myself support Trump? Because they grew up in a free America and they want the same for their grandchildren.

Don Young, Sunnyside

Right, left using same rhetoric

Ah, Mr. Stemp. Thank you for your highly entertaining letter in the Oct. 4 Herald. It kept me smiling from beginning to end. I especially like the lines, “… all the Democratic alternatives will surely destroy all that we hold dear …,” “We cannot allow liberals to spew their venomous lies, unchecked, in their attempt to extinguish the light America has always been ....” Such prose!

You, sir, are obviously educated and urbane, with an exceptional talent for hyperbole. My smile came from replacing all your references to “Democrats” with “right-wing Republicans” and “liberals” with “conservatives.” It’s truly interesting how well it works, no?

In your letter, you have incontrovertibly proved one simple point … there are all kinds of political radicals in our country, and they are not shy about yelling their opinions at the top of their lungs and expecting others to listen. You helpfully pointed out one side and demonstrated the other. Bravo!

Hold your political opinions close, Mr. Stemp, and your friends closer. Politicians come, go and fade away. With any luck, the other will always be there for you.

Sara Watson, Richland

City should pay to pull out its trees

The Meadow Parke Estates Homeowners Association very generously landscaped the west portion of Leslie Road in south Richland that is adjacent to the subdivision with shrubbery, landscape blocks, and grass after installing an irrigation system to service the area.

The city donated several trees as part of the project. All other expenses for materials were paid for by the HOA and several community-minded HOA members donated many hours to make the south entrance to the city visually appealing.

This area is an easement, owned by the City of Richland, and would be covered in weeds if not for the intervention of the HOA. Currently, the HOA (whose members also pay city taxes) spends thousands of dollars annually to maintain the city-owned easement between Leslie Road and the private property of the individual homeowners.

Unfortunately, the trees that were donated by the city are susceptible to fungal blight and now must be removed to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the easement. Should the very limited budget of the HOA be used to remove trees that were inappropriate for this area? I think not.

Steven Smith, Richland, Meadow Parke Estates Homeowners Association

Lump of cancer or media spectacle?

On Sept. 26, Dan Newhouse made his statement on the Impeachment “Inquiry.”

Summing it up, it is a “media spectacle, and he saw no quid quo pro (an exchange of value). I can’t believe Newhouse would think Trump asking (regardless of any quid quo pro) a foreign country to interfere in a national election on his behalf is either moral or legal. The issue of quid quo pro (a payment, or exchange) is an extension of the initial crime.

Cheating is wrong; so is helping someone cheat, asking someone to help you cheat, and paying someone to help you cheat. And, I suppose later saying you’ll cheat again, and then actually working to that end is also.

Ironic, that like “a true elite,” Trump’s legal strategy is, “I’m above the law,” instead of, “I’m innocent, prove otherwise!” Furthermore, if someone accused me of something I didn’t do, I’d want to defend myself, and others to know my position, not “win” on a technicality.

Finally, “media spectacles” sometimes exist for good reason. And, a question can be as important as a fact. “Is that lump cancer?” “Is our President a cancer on the body-politic?” Both are terribly important questions that need to be addressed.

D. L. “Andy” Anderson, Richland

Why do trash cans stay outside?

When you Google trash cans as yard art, the result shows a lot of painted cans; many are creatively decorated and would probably look great in an urban alley.

In our nice suburban neighborhood of small lots and short driveways most folks hide trash cans so neighbors and visitors won’t see them, but a few keep cans on display for everyone to admire. Some have two cans proudly standing in front of their garage. One neighbor stores a pair halfway down the driveway as though he can’t decide whether to take them in or not.

Maybe I’m not up to date and is this a sign of affluence in some communities?

Dennis McGillis, Pasco

The fox in charge of the hen house

Donald J. Trump proclaiming he is ferreting out corruption is like the fox being put in charge of the hen-house.

Jerry Lewis, Kennewick

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