Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 24, 2019

Pacheco would be great for council

With great pleasure, I support candidate Ed Pacheco. I have known Ed for a few years and I know him to be sincere, hardworking and committed. He continues his focus on Kennewick’s Urban Growth areas to promote industry and jobs, supports areas like Rivershore and Columbia Drive for better development, and is chairman of the (Kennewick) Planning Committee.

I know him to care about the community and I think he will make a great addition to the city council.

Hayley Purvis, Richland

Thomas did not answer questions

I can’t with a clear conscience vote for Lisa Thomas for Richland City Council because she doesn’t seem to care about her constituents. A couple of weeks before the primary election, I sent her an email at the address listed on her candidate page on the Benton County Auditor’s election site seeking her position on some issues important to me. It’s now several months later, and I still haven’t gotten a response. If she can’t be responsive to my query as a candidate, how would that change if she were elected?

Additionally, I watched several minutes of city council meetings at which she spoke and was amazed at the anger and disrespect she has for the Richland city manager, Cindy Reents, primarily the result of Ms. Reents’ failure to select Richland Police Capt. Mike Cobb for the position of police chief. We don’t need someone with personal vendettas on our city council.

Apparently Ms. Thomas doesn’t need my vote, and she won’t get it.

Bernie E. Beldin, Richland

Pick Williams for RSD board

Did you know that voter turnout in August’s primary election was just over 20 percent? Local elections impact our day-to-day lives more than national elections, so I wonder why we complain so much, yet vote so little.

I’ve longed been concerned about the direction our public schools are heading. Our state Legislature is passing laws left and right that don’t align with so many of our values and they are infiltrating our children’s classrooms. That’s why I’m supporting Kari Williams for Richland School Board. She isn’t afraid to fight for our community’s strong family values and make sure our kids are being taught age-appropriate curriculum. She has the resumé to back it all up—a teacher with a master’s degree in education. She’s a mom who cares about what our kids are being taught in our schools and what that means for the future of the Tri-Cities. She’s not only the most qualified candidate for the job, but she’s also one of the most kind, honest people I know who won’t back down when our kids need a voice.

Voting in our local elections matters, because our kids matter. Please take the time to send in your ballot and vote!

Andrea Reeve, Richland

Guettner reliable pick for council

Please vote to elect Patrick Guettner to the Pasco City Council. He has the experience, knowledge, education and time to devote to you as your public servant. Patrick has a diverse background that allows him to logically consider all sides of an issue.

Patrick will work to keep city taxes and fees as low as possible. He recognizes that you are best equipped to spend your own money. He believes in budgeting, not tax and spend.

He never missed a day of work during his 40 years of employment. His children are raised providing him the time required to be your reliable councilman. I reviewed the Pasco Planning Commission minutes/videos official website and discovered his opponent missed 47.5% of her monthly scheduled meetings through September of this year and 33.6% last year!

Patrick will work diligently to reduce traffic congestion in Pasco. He has the planning expertise on the state level. His law degree equips him to intelligently review the contracts needing council approve.

We are fortunate to have a qualified, committed candidate of Patrick’s caliber. His values, experience, reliability, education and honest dedication to service make him the perfect council member.

Please vote for Patrick Guettner, Pasco City Council.

Eileen Crawford, Pasco

Get your ballots cast for election

Ballots for our local election have arrived. Many have been waiting to fill them out, however others are saying “election, what election?” Too bad as there are approximately 123,000 registered voters in Benton County alone. That is a lot of voting power.

Local elections are, in this state especially, more important than national elections. We have control over our elected officials because we can attend the meetings, look them in the eye and tell them what is important.

This ballot will contain some initiatives that we need to keep voting for or against.

No on Ref 88 again. This will bring (back) affirmative action, already rejected because it was too vague and restrictive. It has gotten worse.

Yes on Initiative 976. Tell the folks in Olympia — again — we still want limits on motor vehicle taxes and fees. $30 is just fine, thank you.

Your vote counts and is needed. Local governments have the power to help you or hurt you directly if you let them. This is your home, the place you live. Protect it.

Look for your ballot, go through the voters pamphlet, fill in the appropriate spaces slip it into the envelope and look you don’t even have to put on a stamp. Mail it.

You have power. Use it.

Barbara Poulson, Richland

Help is available for holiday blues

The “Happiest” time of the year is rapidly approaching; at least that is what everyone wants to believe. For some, it may be downright depressing, especially if you have been affected by a crime.

Holidays do not have to live up to someone else’s expectations or standards. Contrary to beliefs, there is no perfect holiday for any family. What to do when these expectations turn into the “holiday blues?”

Do what you can do. Stay on budget. Do not bend to pressure. Say “NO.” Start your own traditions. Talk to people. Volunteer.

Remember, if you or someone you know has experienced a loss or trauma and is grieving it is still ok to feel these emotions during the holidays. If this is your first holiday, it will look and feel different.

The Support Advocacy Resource Center is available 24 hours a day to assist people who have been impacted by crime. The phone number is 509-374-5391. Treat yourself and others with kindness this year and always.

Sherrie Lennox, Richland