Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 17, 2019

Devagupta for Richland schools

Dr. Rama Devagupta will be a great addition to the Richland School Board. She is a scientist who understands the importance of the arts, a teacher who wants the best for all students, and a parent who will bring a unique perspective to the Richland School Board.

I have known her for about 15 years, working with her on PTA projects and volunteering alongside her in our children’s schools. She truly cares that our students get the best education possible, and will work for all students. She will promote open communication between the board and parents, and will do all this with integrity and grace. Vote for Rama!

Theresa Grate, West Richland

Newhouse piece at best a distortion

In response to Rep. Newhouse’s piece in the Tri-City Herald, I find it at best a distortion of the facts, but most probably willful ignorance on his part, to cover for a corrupt administration and an all but criminal departure from his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

In his second sentence, he confuses the office with the man; the impeachment is not an attack on the Presidency, but a Constitutional obligation to hold the man accountable to the law. It is the man who is the threat to our national security, not the House of Representatives doing their Constitutional duty.

There does not have to be a “quid pro quo” to be unlawful, to accept or solicit anything of value from a foreign government is all that is required. If wasn’t a quid pro quo, it was an attempt at extortion, to withhold taxpayer funded aid, approved by Congress, for the benefit of the president personally.

The word “though” and the phrase “. . . specifically the company you mentioned in this issue,” would lead any reasonably honest person, to believe that the Ukrainians had already been pressured into accepting the demands, in order to receive the aid.

Michael Lavering, Richland

Tank-grouted waste vs. less risk

Last month’s Tri City Herald articles and Letters to the Editor have been interesting. The visit of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to Hanford was an eye-opener, not because he resigned the following week, but for his focus on risk reduction at Hanford radioactive facilities.

He may have avoided the Tank Farm waste retrieval and waste processing political issues on purpose. For whatever reason, he focused on cleaning up the ground water and removing the source of contamination. Hanford’s current hot topic centers on should we grout low-level tank waste, a technical issue settled 20 years ago, and send it to Texas, Perry’s home state.

Secondly, the issue of shipping the grouted tank waste to Texas, Letter to the Editor, “DOE Employee.”

Has anyone asked the “politically incorrect” question, why ship millions of gallons of our waste cross country, when it can safely be stored at Hanford? This would save millions of dollars, employ more local workers and put more dollars on risk reduction without putting our waste all over our highways just to make a dump site in someone’s backyard?

From Badger Mountain you won’t see the LLW storage facility, but you’ll see the huge white ICE-box.

Robert Benedetti, Richland

Lemley is best for Richland council

I have worked side-by-side with Phil Lemley at the Richland Food Bank now for more than a year. As I have gotten to know him, I find that Phil is stunningly energetic and active in many endeavors that benefit the people of Richland and the whole state of Washington. During his time on the Richland City Council, Phil has served very effectively as liaison and board member to all of the boards and commissions that advise the council on the merits of each relevant issue that comes before it. He has helped ensure that these groups have examined all relevant information, providing confidence that the council can make an informed decision to benefit our citizens, the city and the city’s business partners.

Of importance to me is his interest and advocacy for the elderly, such as with the Dementia Friendly Cities initiative. As a member of the Washington State Council on Aging, he has helped formulate proposals for the governor and legislature to benefit the elderly. His stature as a member of the Richland City Council has given his thoughts and proposals credibility in that venue.

I support Phil Lemley’s candidacy for another term on the Richland City Council.

David H. Brown, Richland

Mastaler an asset for Kennewick

Pat Mastaler is running for the Kennewick School Board, and I urge you to consider voting for him. Pat is passionate about education and providing the best for our youth, our educators and our community. Pat is actively involved with local education by volunteering on the Junior Achievement board and teaching Junior Achievement and by substitute teaching on his days off from his full time job at Hanford.

I have known Pat for more than 18 years. We serve together on the board of directors for the YMCA of the Greater Tri-Cities and previously were on the Leadership Tri-Cities Alumni Association Board of Directors together for multiple years.

Pat is a fair, honest, hard-working, loyal community member, employee, husband, father and friend. Pat Mastaler will be an asset to the Kennewick School Board and District.

Lynn Tegeler, Pasco

Regev’s voice needed on council

I support Shir Regev for Richland City Council Position 2. Shir embodies the values of accountability, honesty and transparency that we need on the city council right now. She is running because she knows representation matters and the current city council, in which six out of seven members are men and four members live in the same neighborhood, does not reflect the diversity and geographic spread of Richland. Shir will bring new perspectives to Richland city government and advocate for all citizens.

Please join me in voting for Shir Regev for Richland City Council.

Alice Orrell, Richland

Sundvik best for KSD Position 5

For a Kennewick School Board candidate who supports all students, look no farther than Diane Sundvik.

Sundvik is a 29-year veteran teacher of Kennewick public schools and has over 39 years of experience as a speech language pathologist working with Pre-K-12 students. She supports the diverse Kennewick student body by recognizing that every student is unique, and believes in all students’ post-graduation goals, from skilled trades to college to directly entering the workforce. She also has extensive first-hand experience working with students in special education, and understands that all learners have different needs.

Sundvik is a strong supporter of Kennewick teachers, who are on the front lines with our youth each and every day. She knows the day-to-day operations required for a thriving school district and has advocated for policies that will allow Kennewick to recruit and retain the skilled educators that students deserve.

Sundvik is an active member of the community and has been endorsed by Teamsters Local 839, Laborers Local 348, Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 598 and WEA Southeast Council of the Washington Education Association.

Kennewick couldn’t ask for a better school board candidate. Vote Diane Sundvik for KSD board of directors Position 5!

Jennifer Soltis, Richland

Climate article needs correcting

An article by Steve Ghan on climate change needs correcting. A 97 percent consensus of climate scientists that conclude human-caused global warming is based in part on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (IPCC). Few scientist organizations who support this consensus have ever surveyed their rank and file meteorologists and of those who were, a significant majority did not agree with anthropogenic CO2 emissions as the primary cause of climatic warming. Some simply repeated what they have been told. Only several dozen governing board members produced this 97 percent figure. This figure has been drastically skewed to fit a political agenda.

Human activity is not responsible for climate change. Controllable pollution notwithstanding, natural solar activity, volcanic action, oceanic cycles and atmospheric circulation among many other factors have affected climatic variations for eons. As in any politically driven issue, data can be manipulated and falsified, especially through computer modeling and predictions that never come true.

One cannot expect to knock out a major portion of the energy resources of the country based on a false premise without an economic disaster. The debate will continue but should not be driven by distortions and scare tactics.

Walt Meglasson, Benton City

Will Trump take aid from China?

There’s no doubt the Chinese can outsmart and outmaneuver Trump 24 hours a day, seven days a week in every economic and political situation. This leads to the interesting question: Will they secretly support Trump in 2020? The obvious corollary to this question is whether Trump will resist or welcome this assistance.

It’s also unfortunate that Trump’s support from his evangelical constituency is based exclusively on questionable biblical guidance on abortion and homosexuality. If Trump and that constituency are actually looking for biblical guidance in a critical area that affects everyone every day, they should look in Genesis for the story of Joseph and pharaoh.

The message is simple: Save during good times to tide you over in lean times. If we are experiencing the greatest economy in history, as Trump boasts, then why in Hades does he support stimulative tax cuts, enormous deficits and zero interest rate from the Fed?

It’s pointless to state Trump is in over his head. He cannot declare bankruptcy for the U.S. as he did for four of his businesses, and he cannot stiff other countries as he stiffed contractors on his construction projects. This nation’s survival is in danger; face it.

Martin Bensky, Richland

Probing Trump is pointless exercise

Speaker Pelosi has launched a formal impeachment investigation in part because of Trump’s efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. We know Trump’s enthusiasm to investigate them is intended to damage Joe Biden’s candidacy, not concern about corruption — of which Trump himself is guilty. Two thoughts:

Bringing charges against Trump is pointless. McConnell’s Senate has already decided Trump is innocent of wrongdoing. A mountain of evidence to the contrary would simply be “fake news.” The Trump cult is not even capable of thinking their deity might misspell a word, let alone be guilty of an actual crime.

Although the push to investigate the Bidens is coming from a totally disreputable source, an honest investigation may be warranted. According to NWPR on 9/23, while Joe Biden was vice president and Obama’s point man for Ukraine, his son was hired to Ukrainian energy company Burisma’s board of directors forl $50,000 monthly. It’s hard to imagine a U.S. corporation (where grossly overpaid executives and directors are common) paying a director $50,000 monthly. A Ukrainian corporation doing so seems even more implausible. If Hunter Biden wasn’t hired because of his father, what skill or knowledge made him so valuable? Seems like a fair question.

Brett Menaker, Kennewick

Parody was huge pile of Schiff

Adam’s parody is a huge pile of Schiff! He only called it a parody after he suffered a lot of backlash. He meant to lie.

Prior to any proof(?) or documents and egged on by the mostly Democrat media, they start making accusations. The impeachment cry went up before Trump even took office. The Democrats had whistleblower rules changed to help with impeachment.

It’s entirely acceptable to Democrats if they do exactly what they accuse Trump of doing. There are several instances where they have done this very thing. Not one of them raised the issue then. This isn’t an impeachment inquiry. It’s an accusatory meeting.

When Trump used the word “favor” to the Ukraine president, he was asking for him to investigate corruption. The Ukraine president brought up Biden’s name. Neither was there any quid pro quo. Money for their defense was withheld in an attempt to get other nations to pony up for Ukraine’s defense.

The real articles of impeachment are. 1,2,3, We hate Trump.

I’ve never seen so much opposition from the opposite political party, press included, that Trump has had to endure. And I am fed up with it.

John Faulkner, Richland