Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 10, 2019

Torelli possesses right experience

Do you want a seasoned listener who values your viewpoints, who has served his country, who has extensive management skills, and who possesses both experience and new ideas for our city council? We wholeheartedly do.

Chuck Torelli strongly promotes open transparency rather than secrecy in government and encourages economic development while keeping our neighborhoods safe. Join us in supporting Chuck, a caring family person, for Kennewick City Council, Position 5. He will make a difference! You will not be disappointed.

Larry and Peggy Gregory, Kennewick

New Republicans changed old party

I was startled by Bruce A. Stemp’s recent letter concerning our approaching presidential election. At first, I didn’t understand his accusations of Democratic”treason,” until I remembered my Daddy’s Uncle Roy.

His religion was the Republican Party. He accused the Roosevelts of ruining his life. “I should never have to pay taxes to help the poor.” “Paying Social Security funds to the elderly or disabled so they can survive is an abomination.” “America was founded so the old and disabled can get out of our way and die as they should, without costing the rest of us.” The same applies to the children of other people. “Let them build their own schools for their own children.”

This “corporate” party was founded in 1896 by Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan, for the sole purpose of bribing a politician, (William) McKinley, to expand their private wealth and power. Around 1897, they changed their party’s name to “Republican,” to trick the public into thinking they were as respectable as the dead abolitionist party, which dissolved when Grant’s presidency ended in 1877. What has not changed since 1896 is the party’s priority, enhancing private wealth. What is different, is the party’s recent conversion to dictatorship.

Joy K. Rasch, Kennewick

Warner best pick for conservatives

I am voting for Chariss Warner for Position 5 on the Kennewick City Council because she has publicly declared herself a conservative candidate and is the only conservative running for that council seat. Her opponent was selected in February by the council by just one vote to fill a vacancy when Councilman Matt Boehnke became a state representative. Chariss missed out after having received support from three council members.

Chariss Warner is for limited government, the Second Amendment and is opposed to having needle exchanges in Kennewick.

I support Chariss Warner for Position 5 and ask all voters to carefully examine the qualifications of Ms. Warner versus for opponent.

Frank Smith, Kennewick

Mastaler great choice for board

I am writing in support for Pat Mastaler for Kennewick School Board. Pat has shown his involvement and care for the community through volunteer work and involvement in area Junior Achievement, youth sports, and just about any event he is asked to a part of. He raised his family here and has repeatedly been involved in supporting youth and school activities.

Because Pat is trustworthy, involved in education, a clear thinker who can articulate himself well, as well as having a strong foundation in the education system as well as private sectors, I consider him an extremely qualified candidate for this position. He is civic minded, honest and actually cares about what goes on in our area.

Please consider voting for Pat Mastaler for Kennewick School Board.

Bill Burke, Kennewick

Firefighters back Lemley for council

The Richland Firefighters IAFF Local 1052 endorses Phil Lemley for Richland City Council, Position 5. Phil is invested in our community; he has been a Richland volunteer in police services, appointed to the Richland Housing and Community Development Board, a member of the Rotary Club of Richland for 14 years, and appointed to the Richland Parks and Recreation Commission.

Futhermore, Phil is appointed to five different Washington state boards and commissions, one Department of Energy board and one Benton County board. Phil is the board president of Tri-Cities Residential Services Inc. He volunteers at Kadlec Medical Center Emergency Room every weekend where he has achieved over 3,000 hours of service. He also volunteers at the Tri-Cities Food Bank every Monday. Recently, Phil has joined the Benton Franklin Recovery Coalition.

Phil has served on City Council for 10 years and has an excellent track record. He has never missed a scheduled council meeting. Phil campaigns on protecting the economic engine of the City of Richland and doing what is best for the majority of our citizens. Phil has performed excellently while serving on City Council and has held true to what he campaigned on. Local 1052 supports Phil for his re-election.

Timothy Birch, Richland Firefighters Local 1052 Secretary

Sundvik right for Kennewick board

I am writing to support Diane Sundvik for Kennewick School Board Position 5. As a retired educator, she has the first-hand experience needed to provide the school board with valuable insight to make the best decisions for the students and staff of the Kennewick School District. We need an educator making decisions about education!

I am a proud product of the Kennewick School District, a homeowner in Kennewick and a staunch proponent of public education. Our children deserve the best possible education and part of that is making the working environment the best for our teachers and staff. Sundvik understands and has experienced the struggle that occurs on a daily basis in our classrooms. The Kennewick School Board can learn from her experience and help Kennewick remain an excellent school district for learning and working.

Sundvik has been a vocal advocate for public education for decades. She is the best person to help guide the non-educators on the KSD board, take a stand for our children and educators and keep Kennewick School District the pride of the Tri-Cities.

Please join me in voting for Diane Sundvik for Kennewick School Board.

Jennifer Collins, Kennewick

Thomas his pick to hold city office

Lisa Rector Thomas is for the people of this community, and she has devoted herself into the research and involvement to keep our streets and parks and sidewalks safe and clean. We couldn’t ask for a more genuine and sincere lady to represent the citizens of this community and to find and have that in today’s society is rare and I 100 percent support her in her movement forward.

Andrew Bruce, Kennewick

Vit plant was to be finished in 2007

Vit plant at serious risk of not being finished on time! It was supposed to have been making glass in 2007, now 2036. I would say it's a joke. The root cause of these missed start times is the Department of Energy. In the meantime, the tanks are leaking away. Headed to the ground water and the Columbia River.

Ira Johnson, Kennewick