Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 4, 2019

Get facts right, DOE employee

Julie Reddick’s letter to the editor entitled, “Moving Hanford Waste a Concern,” was technically misleading and exploited nuclear fear mongering. Perma-Fix has safely treated low-level waste, LLW, in Richland for decades.

As for the $10M in Hanford’s budget designated for the test bed demonstration project, that will determine if LLW from the Hanford tanks can be treated commercially and disposed of out of our state.

Ninety percent of the waste stored in the Hanford tanks is considered LLW, which is generated after tank liquids are filtered and cesium is removed in a pretreatment process.

The DOE Office of River Protection is building a modular system called Tank Side Cesium Removal to pretreat the waste before transporting it to Perma-Fix. Savannah River is operating a similar modular system for pretreating its liquid LLW.

With DOE certification, liquid LLW can legally be transported to Perma-Fix for treatment and disposal of in a licensed waste facility in Texas. This approach was successfully and safely demonstrated last year on a small amount of waste, and the process is estimated to cost five times less than turning LLW into glass. What’s more, it can be done decades sooner.

Sallie J. Ortiz, Kennewick

Moak does fine work for port

I have known Tom Moak since my days on the Richland City Council. He’s passionate, honest and courageous. Tom Moak sticks up for what he thinks is right, and I agree with him most of the time!

He has lost elections because he has not given in to popular politics, or popular opinion. I admire that about him. It’s easy to give in to popular opinion in order to get elected, but Tom has never taken the easy way out. He’s tackled tough issues, and made tough decisions, like Vista Field. Tom’s vision for our community can be seen on the Port of Kennewick’s website; connections to Kennewick’s historic downtown and the Columbia River, re-development of the airport into a walkable, lively district, and an urban nature trail connecting our bridges someday.

I support Tom Moak because he is doing a good job as our Kennewick port commissioner. I like the public processes that the Port of Kennewick makes available to the public, and I know Tom believes in public process too. He welcomes community participation, and that’s what makes him the best candidate for District 2, in my opinion. Please vote for Tom Moak, Port of Kennewick, District 2.

Carol Moser, Richland

Phil Lemley for Richland council

Phil has served on the Richland City Council for the past 10 years and has never missed a scheduled meeting. He is the epitome of the true public servant. Phil has served our community well and is willing to continue to do so. So let’s keep him in office!

Laura Molu, Richland

Let’s grow up, talk with Iran

I punch, you punch back. I punch harder. You send drones with missiles. Isn’t there a better way? How about, “Do to others what you would have them do to you.”

Here’s an idea. Rejoin our allies in the Iran nuclear deal. Then, they will talk to Trump. Trump will negotiate “the greatest nuclear deal ever.” The media will love him.

Face it. Whoever took out half of Saudi oil production can take out the other half, even if it’s the last thing they do. Why go there?

Ask Americans what they would do if another country prevented them from selling American oil. Now change Americans in that sentence to Iranians. Get the point?

Let’s all take a deep breath. Negotiate a Trump nuclear deal with Iran. Lift the sanctions on oil sales. Obama won’t mind. Americans will praise Trump. He likes that.

Jim Thielman, Richland

Mastaler is ‘real deal’ for board

There is an interesting match up for Kennewick School Board election between Diane Sundvik and Pat Mastaler.

I have known Diane as a friend and colleague for about 40 years. We started our careers together in North Franklin School District. I have known Pat as a friend and colleague for about 10 years and worked alongside his wife, Leanna, a teacher at Cascade Elementary.

Diane has been active with the Kennewick Education Association. Pat has been on the board of directors of the American Red Cross, Junior Achievement, YMCA, as well as serving on the Kennewick School District Levy and Bond Committee. Pat is also a substitute teacher on the Fridays that he is not involved in his work in financial management in the Hanford area.

All that aside, what qualifies Pat for this position is his ability to thoughtfully and intelligently understand issues from a balanced perspective. In this age of ideological toxicity, his fair-minded wisdom will be hugely advantageous on the board.

Pat is the real deal. He is also a fellow Jeep enthusiast.

Gordon M. Johnson, Kennewick

Meadows right choice for port

I have continuously worked with and served on community and economic development boards with VJ Meadows for over 25 years. We currently serve on the Benton County Public Facility District (BCPFD) Board of Directors and work with each other on the Tri-Cities Food Bank Board. I have witnessed her unwavering dedication to building consensus on issues, assure all points of view are heard, and proceed in the best interests of the citizens of Benton County. The Port of Kennewick extends far beyond Kennewick and all constituents need representation. Her extensive economic and community development experience is well known and respected throughout this community, county, Olympia and Washington, D.C.

I saw her innate leadership ability while serving FEMA during the Hurricane Katrina and Rita recovery where she was deployed. Going into totally devastated communities, she quickly gained the trust and respect of people who had lost everything. This ability to lead is a trait clearly needed for this position.

Please vote for VJ Meadows for Port Commissioner, Position 2.

Howard Rickard, Richland

A forecast of what Dems will bring

If we don’t re-elect President Trump, this country will start down a treacherous path. Whether you like Trump or hate him, any of the Democratic alternatives will surely destroy all that we hold dear. Do you want a Warren, a Harris, a Booker or a Biden? Do you prefer terrorist-style Antifa antics to law and order? We cannot allow liberals to spew their venomous lies, unchecked, in their attempt to extinguish the light America has always been.

America was founded on an attitude of national pride and independence. To replace those values with self-loathing, socialism and liberal group-speak will put us into an irrecoverable death spiral. A vote for liberals division — which they slyly call diversification — will be national suicide. Electing those who claim to love America yet try to eliminate and subvert our very founding fundamentals is treasonous at best. Speak out against them!

The radical wing of the Democratic Party hates the USA and, in turn, hates each of you who are not subjugated to their socialistic agenda. Don’t be fooled by them. They want unfettered power to control you and control what you have legitimately earned by your own hard work. Trump 2020!

Bruce A. Stemp, Kennewick