Letters to the Editor

Letters: Sept. 25, 2019

Support Lemley, Keck for election

I am supporting Phil Lemley for re-election to the Richland City Council and Roy Keck for re-election to the Port of Benton Commission. Both of these committed public servants deserve your support.

I have been around politics and government service all of my adult life. Phil Lemley is the hardest-working public servant I have ever known! You may not always agree with him, but he is deeply committed to the welfare of this community, giving his time and effort not only to the city, but also to many other organizations and entities as well.

Roy Keck has served with distinction on the Port of Benton commission and is responsible, along with the port’s excellent team, for the growth and success of the Port of Benton. Roy is also a committed leader of our community, volunteering countless hours of his time to Rotary projects and other causes.

Please join me in supporting Phil Lemley and Roy Keck for re-election.

C. Mark Smith, Richland

Time to take care of need, not greed

Perhaps the interest of many Americans in the upcoming film Downton Abbey has to do with a romantic notion of wealthy people not only caring about their servants, but interacting with them with increasing respect. With the top one-half of one percent of Americans taking in as much income as the bottom 50 percent, the disparity creates little need for the super wealthy to even relate much to many of the struggling who often don’t share the same home because they’re homeless or nearly so.

Many Americans just want to get their taxes back in forms other than pointless wars and preparations for war (i.e., (they want) educational breaks, affordable health coverage for everyone, healthy maintenance of the environment, [including keeping national forests and lands well-groomed.

While the wealthy of yesteryear gave back to the country in important ways, such as John D. Rockefeller funding Williamsburg, Va., to become a Colonial Era replication or Andrew Carnegie supporting beautiful libraries open to all, today’s modern wealthy could help provide decent bicycle lanes, bicycles and helmets as well as infrastructure improvements (such as bridge and road repair) that would help our country in real ways. Time for taking care of need, not greed.

Michael Kiefel, Walla Walla

Letter on Second Amendment wrong

We have a Second Amendment. That is in response to Chuck Henagers letter Sept. 22, more on that in a moment. Henager’s letter is sorely lacking in actual usable content. History is a great teacher Chuck, if you’re willing to do the research. Nothing in your letter about why and when our Constitution was instituted.

When those in government tell you they want common-sense gun control, that’s a lie on it’s face. What they want is to control and circumvent the Second, and they have repeatedly said as much. Remember Beto? “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR’s and AK’s.” Bad idea Bob, because it’s not going to happen.

The Second Amendment, ratified 1791, is there for the people Chuck, NOT for the government. The Bill of Rights was incorporated because of King George and his tyrannical attitude toward the people of America, and unfortunately not much has changed. The Constitution is there to control the government and is central to America’s freedoms and liberties. To believe anything other is foolish.

To sum up my first paragraph and Chuck wanting some serious conversation, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.”

Ben Cook, Kennewick