Letters to the Editor

Letters: Sept. 15, 2019

Tri-Tech offers great opportunity

I am a senior at Kamiakin High School (Kennewick School District) and excited to be graduating in 2020. I participate in the Tri-Tech Skills Program for welding and feel that it has given me a great opportunity to learn the skill I enjoy and give me experience I can take with me to a job. It has also already led me to a few side jobs that have given me more experience in the workplace and income.

I had the opportunity this summer to be employed at a great company where they valued the skills I have already learned and also gave me new opportunities to learn different skills that I can use to help me in my classes this year at Tri-Tech. I want to tell anyone thinking of being a part of Tri-Tech that it is a great program and can really help you learn skills for your future employment. They have a wide variety of programs to choose from, and I feel we are lucky to have that option in our school district.

Drew Dallas, Kennewick

Lemley the pick of police officer

Phillip Lemley has supported the Richland Police Department as well as every department in the City of Richland for a decade now. One example was as a member of the Volunteers in Police Services where he served for six years. During those years, he participated in weekly events, meetings and services that aided the residents of Richland. Phil is the consummate volunteer, giving back to our community in every way possible; look at his record.

His perfect attendance record at our City Council meetings is a great example. The council positions are nonpartisan and as a result, (council members) do not work for a party; rather they work for every resident, regardless of our differences. Richland is a great place to live, work, play, do business and retire. Our city is flourishing in every aspect. Phil has been instrumental in providing steady leadership on our council for the past decade.

As a local law enforcement officer for the past 29 years, I have seen first-hand Phil’s unwavering support for our public safety professionals. I have also seen him working tirelessly for the citizens of Richland.

We need calm, steady, thoughtful leadership on the Richland City Council. Phil Lemley is that person.

Jeff Taylor, Richland

VJ Meadows for port commission

As a native of the Tri-Cities, (I think) the present and future of my community is vitally important .... I am voting for VJ Meadows because I know this community means as much to her as it means to me.

Her past leadership says it all. She has been key to building community strength, growing business, supporting the needy and resolving hard issues in a fair and way equitable for all parties. She did this by serving and leading for the Benton City Economic Development Council, Kadlec Hospital Foundation, Mid-Columbia Alliance of Chambers, Richland Chamber, United Way, BF Dispute Resolution Center and FEMA.

She is well known in this community to be the one you call for answers and assistance and is a proven expert in bringing people together. She is exactly what the port commission needs! Join me in voting for VJ Meadows!

Margaux Green, Richland

Time to change Richland council

I supported the Richland City Council action to include $20 car tag charges for road work. I believed the growth of our city required need for such funding. However, our current council’s allegiance appears to be to developers or anyone with money rather than citizens. The latest evidence of poor city performance is on the recent Leslie Road project to improve sewer and water service to South Richland. I supported that.

However, the project completion was a patchwork of paving and chug holes, leaving Leslie in far worse condition than before. On several occasions, work appeared to be repeated several times at the same location, giving the impression of very poor planning. I understand the project costs overran, resulting in no money for repaving. An unacceptable result!

I still support the need for the money for road work, but I also believe we need a city council that knows how to use money effectively, and one that responds to concerns of its citizens rather than the pockets of contractors.

We need a change! We need to vote for a new city council.

Jerry White, Richland

What Congress should try to do

I appreciate the letters we get to the Tri-City Herald from (Mark) Manserger, (a) teacher at WSU.

As a representative of the Democratic Party principles, he reminds me of the many excessive expenditures planned (some moonbeam reflections) that would be very costly even though it is well known that they have so badly overspent we can never afford the project.

And I am thankful that Trump has reversed some Obama policies that would put us out of democracy into the Euro style of socialism (i.e. easily becoming a nonresponsive Communistic government). Our country was founded on Christian principles to allow full expression of each person without the harassment from the left or right we see at many rallies in the U.S.

I read on email of unregulated hackers devoted to hate mail promotion and coming from misguided terrorist leaders. I think we are looking for honest, responsible intelligent leaders from both parties. Also we want leaders dedicated to preservation of the guiding principles of the original U.S. Constitution. If Congress were actually concerned strongly with the preservation of our democracy, they would work to control spending (not $19 trillion in debt), justice for all (not the usual attempts to destroy men”s lives) and being intelligent stewards of the great Constitution.

James C. Langford, Richland