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Letters: Aug. 27, 2019

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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

No satisfying those who hate dams

The salmon spend most of their life in the ocean. We have had record salmon runs, with the dams in place. The Tri-City Herald has reported them over the years. Millions have been spent upgrading the dams so they can coexist with the salmon.

The dams are responsible for 1.5 percent loss of salmon. Bypasses around the turbines were built. Screens, over turbine water inlets, were put in place. My father-in-law’s company was one of the contractors to work on that project at Lower Monumental.

We barge the smolts down river, to Portland, all at taxpayer expense. Where is the compromise from the ignorant environmentalists? The answer, my friends, is that there is none. They want the dams gone, period!

If they get their way with the Snake River dams, they’ll move on to the Columbia River dams. Their goal is Grand Coulee. Eastern Washington will return to the desert and we will all rejoice with our “natural rivers.” I am sure the increased tourism will make up for the billions lost in deserted farms and increased utilities costs.

Martin Pierret, Pasco

Paying per mile hurts rural folks

I think the pay per mile would be damaging not only to us rural people, but business’s also. It would be a tax failure because people would have to trim off. Then it would force (the) Legislature to make up some other ridiculous law to compensate.

I would have to go bankrupt, and just walk out with the clothes on my back and go to another state. I cannot afford this, I own a home 60 miles from work, and I also have to take my grandson to and from his mom’s every Sunday to Spokane.

This would kill me, as it would others. You know if Washington likes it, then it’s more damaging than the gas tax. I think we pay too much as it is ... and others like me may have to fold up and go elsewhere. I bought this place back before my wife grew ill, and now, she can’t work, and I’m forced to pay all the bills, and I’m stuck here unless I fold up. I really wish people could wake up, and stop agreeing to making our life harder than it is already ... just my thoughts.

Russell Deines, Kahlotus

Climate deniers need to reconsider

Earl Martin’s conclusion that climate change/global warming is a financial/political hoax greatly saddens me. The disinformation campaigns that lead people to this conclusion are disheartening.

Did you know that Glacier National Park has lost 9 of its 35 glaciers, and the remaining ones continue to shrink (https://www.nps.gov/glac/learn/nature/melting-glaciers.htm)? Glaciers around the world are disappearing, and large chunks of the Antarctic ice shelf are cleaving off and melting. This is logically the direct result of 7.7 billion people, 1 billion motor vehicles and millions of factories on the planet. The result is a steady rise in sea water levels leading to flooding of coastal cities, coupled with shifts in climate patterns, including an overall increase in average annual temperature.

Ignoring these changes will cost more in the long term vs. addressing the problem now to reduce our impact on the environment.

Matthew Monroe, Richland