Letters to the Editor

Letters: Aug. 7, 2019

Migrants also come from God

How dare those migrants come here! They can't speak English. They make our cages smell bad. Did we have such a problem before? We need another Statue of Liberty on our Mexican border, to remind us who these people are: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

They may be from Central America. But they're also from God.

Joy Rasch, Kennewick

Thanks and God's blessings on many

In the spring, a man paid for my breakfast at McDonalds. Later in the year a woman bought my lunch at Jake's. Not very long ago, a man and woman paid for lunch at Hills.

Then to top it off, I got a ride on the World Wall II Wings of Freedom Tour on a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

Thanks again!

Altha Simmelink Perry, Kennewick

Debate night was all ‘yammering’

I turned on the TV last night and the circus was on. Turns out it was just a bunch of socialists yammering at each other about how to best ruin the U.S.A. and violate several provisions of the Constitution. Thank goodness Sponge Bob was on.

Dan Deckert, Benton City

A litany of Trump transgressions

The Mueller Report clearly indicates the president obstructed justice and states that “any person who is not the president of the United States would be indicted based on such evidence.”

The president reportedly urged FBI Director Comey to drop the Michael Flynn investigation; used the public forum in an attempt to convince the public that the FBI’s Russia investigation had no merit; terminated Comey, which suggested a conspiracy coverup between the Trump Campaign and Russia; attempted to terminate the Special Counsel; attempted to curtail the scope of the Special Counsel's investigation; attempted to prevent disclosure of information about the June 9, 2016, Trump Tower meeting between Russians and senior campaign officials; attempted to have Attorney General Sessions unrecuse himself and limit the investigation; publicly humiliated and terminated his recused attorney general; then appointed Attorney General Barr, who acts as if he is the president’s committed agent (instead of the people’s) and who issued a distorted brief summary contrary to the Special Counsel’s conclusions indicating no collusion or obstruction by the president; continues to use public forums to attack potential witnesses who might offer adverse information and to praise witnesses who declined to cooperate with the government.

Bill Petrie, Richland

Cameras would solve the problem

As usual, when I went to the recycling bins at Carmichael Hill, I had to see all the illegal mess left there. These lazy losers are just thumbing their noses at the crew that has to clean up this mess. They are also thumbing their noses at the good citizens doing the right thing by recycling appropriately. The solution: install high definition cameras with night vision. The first person who gets caught gets to pay for the entire system. Subsequent offenders get to pay for upkeep, monitoring and camera systems at other problem areas. Problem solved!

Steve J. Forsberg, Pasco