Letters to the Editor

Letters: Aug. 2, 2019

Warner best for Kennewick post

I wholeheartedly recommend Chariss Warner for a position on the Kennewick City Council. I have worked with Chariss for several years in her capacity as the assistant director for the Union Gospel Mission. I have found her to be both visionary and passionate in improving both the present and future operation of the Mission. I believe that if elected, she will bring that same vision and passion to the City of Kennewick. Chariss is one of those rare individuals with a “get it done” attitude that is also willing to listen to the opinions of others and incorporate their input.

If elected, she will be a great asset to the City of Kennewick.

Bruce Harrer, Richland

Jay Clough best for Richland post

I have concerns for the Richland School Board race this year more than I have ever had in the past.

Brett (Amidan) handpicked and endorsed Kari Williams while he was a sitting member of the school board.

Why would we support his hand-picked candidate when he showed such terrible judgment in picking McTavish and giving her a Cadillac severance deal which our community is paying for instead of hiring more educators for our children.

I am voting for Jay Clough because his No. 1 priority is the safety and education of our children. He is a great listener and weighs all matters fairly and ethically. I believe he is the right candidate for this position for a number of reasons.

He has growing children in the Richland School District, he is a devoted volunteer for his children’s school. He has served our country, has an even temperament, and knows how to handle himself in tough situations. He is devoted to our community’s families and their wellbeing and safety.

Bethany Pierson, West Richland

Student cleaning crews sound good

A friend of mine recently sent me an e-mail regarding some of the differences between Japan and the U.S. I don’t know of the veracity, but one difference is very intriguing.

It stated that in Japan the schools are not cleaned by custodians, but rather by the students themselves. Wow, what a novel idea. They do it to show gratitude to the school for providing them with an education as well a learning to become productive members of society.

I can think of more advantages, such as time management, learning new skills, becoming environmentally aware, team building, leadership and learning that no job is beneath our station in life. Using their insight and energy, we might even find innovative methods to complete the necessary tasks.

There might be disgruntled custodians or unions, but hey, which of us wouldn’t like an extra hand, and there would be a new appreciation for the painstaking efforts of the custodial staff. So, which school will be the first to begin?

Gabe Lyons, Richland

Slovic good pick for Richland post

We need additional perspectives providing a more diverse membership within our City Council.

Randy Slovic has broad government experience along with passion, integrity and common sense. She has served as a legislative assistant to a United States congressman, being responsible for transportation funding, rural development, natural resources, military and veterans’ affairs. Focusing on local issues will be her priority. She will listen to us and will be a great advocate as shown by her canvassing Richland on foot to knock on doors to learn the concerns of individual citizens.

Please vote for Randy Slovic for Richland City Council, Position 1.

Elizabeth and Edward Temple, Richland

Trump celebration a wrong message

The July 4,1776, Declaration of Independence was a statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress; a statement declaring the colonies would no longer accept punitive measures imposed by England and declaring the intentions to be free of the tyranny of another country, the tyranny that was demonstrated by England that might is right.

Fast forward to July 4, 2019.Trump has declared that once again might is right. There were planes, tanks and military men and women on display while Trump stood proudly reviewing his weapons of destruction, believing the troops are pledging unconditional allegiance. This display is reminiscent of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany; (of) Stalin and Hitler standing proudly at attention reviewing marching troops declaring their allegiances to mad men in power. Displays of might. This is also reminiscent of the parades and arms displayed by Putin, Xi and Kim Jong-un. Blatant demonstrations used to their advantage that beware, might is right.

Trump’s tyranny is not what should represent us as a nation. Like the colonists, we should declare ourselves free of tyranny and punitive measures when what we believe is not to Trump’s liking.

April Nishioka, Richland