Letters to the Editor

Letters: July 28, 2019

Thanks to church for yard cleanup

The neighbors and I are so appreciative of the volunteer work from members of Grace Baptist Church (at the corner of 10th Avenue and Union Street) and their 2019 mission project. They worked hard to clean up a very messy, overgrown yard of an abandoned home after neighbors complained to the City of Kennewick.

What a wonderful job to do for our community from us neighbors - Thank you so much!

Linda Roberts, Kennewick

Kaepernick piece was ‘disgraceful’

I thought the editorial piece published July 17 titled “Checking up on Kaepernick” was disgraceful and disgusting. Yes, he had a First Amendment right to do and say what he wants, but there is an understanding that consequences result from those actions. We all have to answer for what we say or do, good and bad. There is a reaction for every action taken; one must consider that before you do “whatever you want.”

Many Americans thought his actions were disgusting. He was a backup quarterback, hardly a prized addition for any NFL team. Our Constitution is still law of the land for 242 years. The Betsy Ross flag represents our country’s founding of private property rights, individual freedom and the escape of tyranny. These inalienable rights are not available in any other country like it is here in the U.S. We have good and bad history in this country. We have overcome much of the bad.

We are far from perfect, but please don’t print any more of this garbage that trashes the greatest country on the face of the earth!

Audra J. Harding, Kennewick

Williams her pick for school board

I want to express my support for Kari Williams, who is running for the Richland School Board, Position No. 4. She has a well-rounded perspective on the issues facing our schools as a former educator, mother and volunteer. I worked with Kari several years ago in generating support for a school bond and saw firsthand her passion for doing what is best for students -- which means supporting teachers, expecting administration transparency and working with parents. Kari has the right blend of experience and perspective. She isn’t ‘political.’ She will listen. She will be transparent. And she can be trusted to do what is best not what is easy. I look forward to voting for Kari and having her sensibility, knowledge and listening attitude on the Board.

Staci A. West, Richland

Support Torelli for City Council

Chuck Torelli is a believer in policies, not politics. His approach to city governance is one of due diligence. He takes time to study the issues and actively seeks out expertise.

When appointed to City Council, he made it a priority to spend time walking through each of the city departments.

He believes in collaboration and the positive results that it can have for Kennewick. While on the planning commission and now as a council member, he strongly supports Vista Field, Columbia Gardens and revitalization of downtown Kennewick.

While campaigning, Chuck sticks to the issues at hand. He knows that Kennewick is a great place to live and is capable of even more in the future. He knows that we can’t ignore the issues of homelessness, mental illness and drug abuse.

However, the existence of these issues mustn’t define us. Instead, Kennewick is defined by the partnerships that resulted in the Boys and Girls Club being built and paid for in record time, as well as the Community Cares program that allows police officers to provide immediate help to those in need.

Chuck is optimistic about the future of Kennewick. With our vote, he can continue to support policies, not politics.

Christy Watts, Kennewick

Higgins her pick for school board

Time to vote locally. You probably received your ballot already for Aug. 6. Local elections can be more important than the national elections because they affect you — the voter — personally.

The Richland School Board is one area we will be voting on. If we want to protect our children and make the needed changes in our local education system, the school board is the perfect place to start.

Ron Higgins is the fire we need. Ron believes we must bring the love of our country and the Constitution back to the children. He is a certified math teacher in both Washington and California. He teaches as a substitute teacher all grades, pre-K-12, all subjects including bilingual (both Spanish and Russian) and special ed.

He is running for school board because he sees first hand how government schools are subverting our children and really not teaching them what they need to excel in this world, or even to get by. Students need the basics - reading, writing and arithmetic. It wouldn’t hurt if they learned a little of America’s history, also.

Cast your vote for Ron Higgins

Barbara Poulson, Richland

Lemley deserves to be re-elected

I strongly recommend that Phil Lemley be re-elected to the Richland City Council.

Phil has been a strong advocate for the City of Richland during his years of service on the City Council. He has served as mayor pro tem, as well as (on) 14 committees, associations, and organizations. He has functioned as the voice of reason when contentious issues arise. He has been a member of six state organizations ensuring that Richland is adequately represented when state issues are discussed. He has been a strong participant in Richland Rotary as well as a Kadlec Emergency Room volunteer. He works at the Richland Food Bank each week and was the council lead for the Richland Historic Street Sign Project at the Richland Rotary. Phil is an outstanding member of the council and represents the council in an outstanding manner.

Re-elect Phil Lemley.

Stan Jones, Richland

Why the push for war with Iran?

Let there be peace for once: The public has been grossly misled concerning Iran: Certain factions want to wage war against Iran and have arranged for devastating sanctions that hurt the people and do nothing to secure world peace. Iran has no intention of starting a war with the United States, whose government has used the shooting down of an unmanned spy drone as one more excuse to threaten war.

Iran kept the nuclear peace that was negotiated by our government, but that did not satisfy the war machine and the manufacturers who make millions of dollars off wars. War is business, dirty business, and we have no business doing dirty business in Iran.

Hands off, and let’s drop the senseless sanctions that amount to economic warfare. The war machine seems intent on fueling both hot and cold wars, but these are not in the interest of the American people. (Lockwood is a member of Green Party of the Mid-Columbia).

Frank Lockwood, Kennewick

Put Tubman on $100, drop Ben

There was some discussion (and it was the government’s idea) about having Harriet Tubman’s face put on the $20 bill.

I want her face to be on the $100 bill, because Benjamin Franklin was never the president. (even though he was the “President of Pennsylvania.”)

Suzanne Speer, Richland