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Letters: July 21, 2019

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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Teachers need to show restraint

Greedy teachers need to show restraint. The McCleary court decision has cost state taxpayers billions of dollars the last seven years with the State coming with a solution. After the school districts disbursed huge salary raises to the teachers, not only do they want more, they (also) persuaded the Democratic State Legislature to lift the property tax levy to raise even more taxes on homeowners, the same exact disaster that led to the state being sued but now in reverse to avoid layoffs for the districts. Enough!

Hiding behind the kids is no longer an acceptable slogan or excuse, show some self-restraint and learn to live on a budget. Remember, you asked for this disaster ....

Ross Esparza, Prosser

National parks need investment

With the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in our backyard, I recognize the cultural, educational and economic importance of national parks to our communities. I support congressional legislation entitled Restore Our Parks and Public Lands Act (H.R. 1225), which would direct robust and dependable multi-year funding to help address the multi-billion-dollar maintenance backlog facing our National Park System. I am thankful that Rep. Newhouse is a cosponsor and supporter of this legislation.

The National Park Service (NPS) faces a continuous challenge in maintaining parks for quality visitor experiences and safety. NPS has a repair backlog estimated at nearly $12 billion nationally and $427 million in Washington state. This includes crucial repairs to aging historic structures and thousands of miles of roads and trails, bridges, tunnels, sewers, drainage and other vital infrastructure.

By investing in national parks, we contribute to local economies like West Richland and the Tri Cities. To keep national parks strong and vibrant, while supporting our communities, we must fix our parks. The House Natural Resources Committee recently passed H.R. 1225 out of committee. Now it needs to pass the full Congress and have the president sign it.

Brent Gerry, Mayor/CEO, City of West Richland

Fireworks: terror not a celebration

Dear Neighbor:

Thank you for the fireworks display on July 4.

My two cats have lived in terror the last four days as the sound of firecrackers resounded off buildings at random times of the day in your preparation for the festivities. One has not eaten since it began and both are in hiding with fur falling out in handfuls.

I distinctly heard the fallout as hundreds of hot pieces of shrapnel showered my home and shop, burning into my cars and boat and patio.

The noise lasting well past a proper celebration time and the debris on my property in the aftermath this morning are especially appreciated as was the smoke. The show put on by you and several like-minded individuals in the ‘hood did not put me so much in mind of our Day of Independence as it did the footage from Beirut and ISIS fighting seen on the internet.

But it was well worth it. You demonstrated the reason for the celebration. That particular sense of freedom we enjoy. And while you and your ilk maintain the freedom to enjoy this type festivity, what freedom of suffering the ill-effects of your celebration do your neighbors enjoy?

Holly Pedit, West Richland

NIDA contradicts NYT news report

I am writing regarding your article in June 23, Tri City Herald by the New York Times. The author notes several ways that research has supposedly found THC to be damaging in minds up to 25 years old. However, a study funded by the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) on Jamaican families found that even generations of families who consumed cannabis while pregnant were of no consequence to the adults or children.

The study used the Brazelton Neonatal Scale to determine whether there was any damage done to mothers’ or young minds by cannabis use. Not only did they find that cannabis was helpful to edema and nausea with vomiting, they also found it helped the children who consumed cannabis tea before classes.

The NIDA sat on the study for almost 50 years but is now well known as a measure of damage by THC. The damage is basically nonexistent and cannabis may be helpful to children and pregnant adults.

I was appalled to read misinformation in such an astute newspaper and hope research is better represented in the future.

Eric Kalia, Richland

SARC will offer training in fall

Do you believe in the power of showing empathy to others? Do you believe in providing a space for individuals to succeed is important? Volunteering with SARC could be the right opportunity to help make a difference in people’s lives. SARC thrives on their utilization of volunteer advocates to help support our 24/7 crisis line and hospital calls. Both services are available to victims of crime to provide answers and emotional support.

SARC assists adults and children 24 hours a day by providing aid and advocacy to them and their non-offending family members, friends, secondary victims and witnesses to crime. SARC services are free and confidential.

To become a SARC volunteer advocate, 32 hours of training is required. The training is designed to give volunteers the tools they need to work with victims and their families. This year, volunteers will complete eight hours of training from the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs online webinars as well as on site classes. Check our Facebook page or website for the dates and times for our upcoming training in September 9th thru 21st of 2019.

For more information please contact SARC at (509) 374-5391.

Andrea Garcia, Richland

State needs own electoral college

As an undocumented, semi-legal, minority screaming citizen of Kennewick for 30 plus years, I often wonder why my vote just doesn't seem to make any difference in our state (governor-U.S. Senate) races. I revisited and reviewed the legitimacy of the National Electoral College concept.

It seems to me that our state could really benefit from a similar voting mechanism. We would no longer be subjected to a west side of the state that controls our lives. The citizenry of Eastern Washington has been unrepresented for decades. The cultural and social norms between the East and West side of the state are vastly different. It is time that we have some fair representation that allows the same. If we can't have an electoral college for the state, then indeed, it is time for secession.

Dave Lee, Kennewick

No war in Iran; it would be nonsense

Iran made a “big mistake” by shooting down an American drone. But no one was killed.

Saudi Arabia murdered a Washington Post journalist, chopping up his body and disposing of it as trash. Zero response from Trump and his lackies—Pompeo and Bolton.

George Bush and Dick Cheney went to war in Iraq instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, home to Bin Laden and the Saudi terrorists who took down the twin towers. Thousands of Americans died. A million people have died in Middle East battles we started, supposedly in response to Saudi Arabian terrorists’ attacks on America.

If Pompeo, Bolton and Trump kill Saudi’s MBS, that would punish a murderer. They won’t.

Trump stepped away from the agreement with Iran that allowed us to watch and see they were not enriching nuclear material every day through 2025. Republicans criticized the agreement because it wasn’t eternal.

Trump destroyed the agreement six years early and did not replace it. Republicans should be ashamed of their silence on Trump’s stupidity.

Americans will die for this if Pompeo and Bolton have their way. Thanks, Donald. Thanks, Americans who will offer up their children to die for this nonsense.

Jim Thielman, Richland