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Letters: July 14, 2019

Want to write a letter to the editor? Here are some tips

Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Religion, laws are intertwined

Most civilized cultures live by such tenets as: honor parents and persons of authority; murder is be unlawful; marriage is to be a covenant of love; theft/burglary is unlawful; and one should not testify falsely against a neighbor. These tenets are in essence commandments 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the Ten Commandments professed by those of Judeo-Christian faith and others. So, considering these five tenets and their religious roots, if Elizabeth Koski’s (TCH 7/4) proposition “Keeping one’s religious beliefs outside of our political determination is fundamental” was established, our political and judicial system would be untenable.

Nor are Commandments 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10 irrelevant to our politics, but it would take more than the 200-word limit to show their relevancy. Hopefully, five out of ten commandments are sufficient enough to make the point that religion cannot be dismissed from, at least, the politics of the United State of America.

Don Curet, Richland

Democratic polls also told lies

In response to Mr. Sebelien’s comments about lies emerging on Iran, I wish to remind him about how the Obama administration lied to us about a number of things.

I liked my health insurance and my doctors, Benghazi was not a planned attack against the U.S. (Obama said that it was a spur-of-the-moment protest that killed four US citizens including the US Ambassador, Stevens). Obama said this for a week. The IRS didn’t single out Tea Party groups for closer inspections. Fast and Furious never happened. Obama lied to us about how much money we would save with his health care act. Obama gave billions of dollars to Iran, a country who wants to wipe us off the face of the earth and made a nuclear deal with Iran bypassing Congress. He drew a red line with Syria about chemical warfare, then lied about backing off. This is not even counting Clinton or Kerry lies.

The media loved Obama and never questioned his actions.

Gregory Corbett, Kennewick

Let’s find better way to celebrate

There has got to be a better way to celebrate our country’s independence than fireworks. I don’t understand why so much money is spent just to blow things up. I’m appalled at the amount of money spent on the celebration in our nations capital alone.

There are so many better ways to use that money. Not to mention the stress fireworks cause many of our military veterans, and animals domestic and wild. It’s wasteful, unnecessary, it pollutes, causes wildfires, accidents and deaths.

Would be shocking to know what is spent on fireworks nationwide with all that considered, the cost of the fireworks, pyrotechnicians, emergency responders, equipment necessary to fight the fires, loss of life, land, property, medical treatment. Such a waste!

Donna Gilmour, Richland

Arming teachers will protect kids

The first comment I made when I read the article about arming school staff in the Tri-City Herald in a July 7 “depth section” was, “It’s about darn time.” The article talked about arming staff in schools across the country to have an equal defense to an equally armed offense because using the liberal idea of hiding under a chair and throwing canned corn isn’t going to make it.

In situations where minutes and even seconds count, it belongs to every teacher, all across our nation to protect our children by any means possible as being our first line of defense and using the police as the second line of defense because response time can be an eternity and once evil knows that it will be challenged, (it) will move on down the street.

Have the school unions pay for the training, vetting, conceal (carry) permits, and deputizing of an all-volunteer force that will protect our children in the event that they are needed. Discreet carry will keep everybody guessing and (is) a powerful tool in saving lives. This is something that should have been done long ago. You either want to protect our kids or you don’t. Not much gray area.

Ben Cook, Kennewick

Balanced news? Not really, he says

We moved from the west side of the Cascade mountains in pursuit of sunshine and less liberal, Trump-bashing, viewpoints. We started taking the Tri-City Herald but have found more of the same liberal viewpoints even though voting records indicate the people of Eastern Washington, like Eastern Oregon, are conservative.

For example, most articles in the Herald are written by the far left New York Times and Associated Press. I'm still hoping to see an article from a conservative news source like the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Times. I encourage the Herald to be balanced given the interests of the majority of the population in the area and not be a voice only for the liberal left.

Scott Lowry, Richland

Vote Randy Slovic Richland Council

The City of Richland needs new ideas and new energy. That is why we are supporting Randy Slovic to fill Position 1 on the City Council.

Randy is the only candidate we have seen walking our neighborhoods and talking to voters. She knows that being a City Council member takes more than just attending meetings. We’re glad that she has pledged to continue her neighborhood visits after she is elected.

On her walks, Randy has heard residents’ concerns for the safety of children, pedestrians and bicyclists on our streets. From the sidewalks, she has seen the problems firsthand. Like all of us, Randy wants appropriate development in our downtown so we will have a city core that we can enjoy and be proud of. She knows that rising rents and home prices are squeezing many people and that city taxes impact everybody. That is why she believes that increasing the tax base by having successful businesses in the city core is vital.

We support Randy and we hope you will too. It is time for a change.

Carol and Don Farmer, Richland

Wendy Wells
Wendy Wells

Thanks for the memories

I was so proud to represent the Tri-Cities 50 years ago as Miss Tri-Cities. I have enjoyed watching the development and community spirit grow over the years. Thank you for the memories.

Wendy Horrobin Wells, Bellevue

Socialism cheats individual efforts

Mr. Booth’s recent letter was elegantly correct in contrasting a million dollars vs. a billion dollars. However, his statement that if an individual were to build their net worth to a billion dollars others would somehow be cheated baffles the imagination.

The socialist overtone of Mr. Booth’s assertion is misguided. In our capitalist economy, we have a level playing field. Everyone has an equal chance at innovating, taking risk and being rewarded for their hard work. There are no laws to prevent the creation of individual wealth. By contrast, in a socialist economy, the harder you work, the more you are forced to give to the state.

America achieved its greatness because we encourage anyone and everyone to work as hard as they like, be creative and reap the rewards of our efforts and entrepreneurship. New companies are formed, and employees enjoy the benefits of stock options and/or profit sharing to encourage them to work hard as well. Conversely, socialism cheats its people by arbitrarily limiting what one can achieve. Socialism disincentivizes hard work, stifles innovation and most of all, hope for prosperity for themselves and their children.

Bill Berkman, Richland