Letters to the Editor

Letters: July 4, 2019

Next president will need to do repairs

Our next president will need to be such that he or she can work quickly and deftly to repair our world reputation once again.

I can only say to the people of the United Kingdom and Europe, royal and otherwise, now you know what we have to contend with every single day.

And they can rightly respond, “You brought it on yourselves. You voted for him!”

It seems the only thing this president can do without embarrassing us is walk up and down the stairs of Air Force One. Oops, my bad, I forgot about the T.P.

My opinion: Joe Biden has the wits to do it. He made a good start by reversing his position on the Hyde Amendment concerning funding women’s safe health care. One of the hardest things for a man to do is to admit he is wrong, doesn’t matter for how long.

Keeping one’s religious beliefs outside of our political determinations is fundamental.

Elizabeth Koski, Richland

Time to normalize ties with Cuba

How do you break the ice when something that is yours is stripped away by decree?

No one could reverse the revolutionary change that shook Cuba after Jan. 1, 1959. Yet, Trump’s obstructionist treatment of U.S./Cuba relations following Barack Obama’s attempt to repair differences with Cuba to a degree of normality is an attack on the rule of law within the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

(The) U.S. design to recolonize Cuba will fail. Threats to confiscate Cuban property through lawsuits filed in U.S. Courts are an infringement on the collective and individual right of Cuban citizens to decide their own future. Their dignity is not for sale; the Cuban people will not yield to such threats or coercion.

Title III of Helms-Burton is an interventionist act inapplicable in Cuba meant to deter the international community from economic relations with Cuba. It also interferes with the constitutional right to travel to Cuba by Americans who wish to experience Cuban reality.

Lifting the economic, commercial and financial blockade to permit fair, two-way trade and travel with our Cuban neighbor would benefit both countries, especially in agriculture, health, science, culture, sports and entertainment. Demand that your congressperson support normalization of relations.

Richard Grassl, Pasco

Lack of curb cuts killed this deal

I was recently looking to purchase a new home in Kennewick. I looked at a place in south Kennewick in a 55 and older community. This condo was built in 2000.

When I pulled into the driveway, I had to drive over the curb and sidewalk to enter the driveway. I wondered how something like this would pass final inspection before the house sold.

I went to our local building department to ask why this happened. They told me that in 2000 it was up to code to not have curb access cuts. I was appalled any contractor would be so cheap not to fix this. This was almost a quarter-million-dollar residence!

I wonder how a senior in a Jazzy or wheelchair could navigate going over a curb? This would also tear up the front end of anything but a monster truck.

Several driveways up and down the street were like this. I have never seen anything so Mickey Mouse in my life. I don't believe for a second this was up to code.

This was a deal breaker for me. It is sad to think anyone would do this, especially for such an expensive place.

Roy Hickox, Kennewick