Letters to the Editor

Letters: June 30, 2019

Another voice on atomic bomb’s use

I commend Nonoka Koga for her courage to speak up about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan and the Tri-City Herald for publishing her story.

I didn’t know Richland High School’s logo was the mushroom cloud. My parents were both from Hiroshima prefecture and had direct personal experience with the horrors of atomic bomb. My mother lived in Kure, only about 12 miles from Hiroshima, and saw the cloud. My father saw it from a nearby hillside. Neither knew the horrors that would rain down. Dad saw many bodies and injured people, some of their naked bodies with skin so badly burned that it hung like tatters on their body. There was nothing he could do to ease their pain.

The Hiroshima atomic museum shows the horrors of the bomb. There are outlines of people on stone who were vaporized by the blast. One young boy’s grandfather didn’t want to go into the museum because it made him cry.

Students from Richland High might consider visiting Hiroshima and the atomic bomb museum. It might give them pause for celebrating the application of science for destruction. Remember, Alfred Nobel established his prize to compensate for the fortunes he made in armaments and explosives.

Charlotte Omoto, Palouse

Church reforms are not adequate

I listen to Catholic radio. Today they were patting themselves on the back for how seriously they are taking the child rape issue. They’ve created various committees and released statements, got the Laity involved.

I am amazed how the Church is at (the) root of the problem, (has) hidden it and denied it. Now they’re here with their sweeping reforms as if they should be congratulated for their efforts.

Missing in the radio discussion is what to do about the lying Pope? He knew about the crimes of one of the church’s most prolific abusers, said nothing and denies any knowledge.

Missing is the fact that calling the police is not part of this sweeping new policy! Imagine if a corporation had to set up an internal department to investigate child rape in their own organization!

What if (a fast food restaurant) had an office for internal investigation of rape of children by its staff, in its play areas at its restaurants across the country. That would be the end of the business. And so this should be the end of the Church.

An all-knowing, loving god that is so ‘conspicuous in his absence,” is not one worthy of anyone’s worship.

John Fisher, Richland

Thomas is fine council candidate

Vote for Lisa Thomas for Richland City Council because she’s passionate, honest, caring, stable, educated and the most qualified for the job. He ability to work through tough issues for the betterment of all is her super power. I have the utmost respect for her and she will be a amazing addition to the Richland City Council.

Luis Ojeda, West Richland

What became of troubled student?

Long ago, I had a teacher who was the “Washington state teacher of the year.” I did not find this out from him, or his fellow teachers, but from my aunt, who was also a teacher. I also thought he deserved it.

One of my fellow students was a boy who, to put it simply, frequently did odd things. He’d talk “baby talk,” or wear his coat inside out to school, etc. He was friendly, and pretty much liked by everybody. Most of us also wondered “what the heck was he gonna do next!”

At the end of the day, our teacher would often have a conversation with the class about almost anything. One day “this student” was gone, and the conversation was about him. The teacher said the student had ASM (Attention Seeking Mechanisms). And, for whatever reason (genetic, poor parenting, poor role model, etc.) would do “whatever it took” to get the most attention, which he craved. He said the student, would probably grow out of it. He also asked that if the student ever did something dangerous, or “really bad” to let him know.

Today, I sometimes wonder if this student grew up to be our president.

D. L. Andy Anderson, Richland

Same path of lies emerging on Iran

In televised testimony before Congress, President George W. Bush testified that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; he lied! Vice President Cheney testified that Iraq had rail cars with chemical weapons that could be delivered within 500 miles and could be operational in minutes; he lied! National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice testified that time was not on our side; she lied! Secretary of State Colin Powell testified that Iraq could have nuclear weapons at any time; he lied!

These lies drug us into an unnecessary and unjustified war with Iraq, which cost massive amounts of blood, treasure and untold misery. We are still suffering consequences from that war.

Today, we are being told that Iran is a threat and is provoking military action. Is that a lie? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton are both war hawks. President Trump will say anything to advance his position of the day.

My cynical self suggests that a war will draw attention away from congressional investigations based upon the Muller Report and will save Senate Republicans from the awkward position of either saying that President Trump did not do anything justifying impeachment or vote to impeach.

Don Sebelien, Pasco

A possible fable for year 2050

The year is 2050, the bridge across the Columbia River will soon be done. Washington leads the nation on in composting. All organic matter is composted, Including humans, animals and plants. The mushroom industry continues to expand. Western Washington grows shrooms with exotic effects, while Eastern Washington grows the more conventional mushroom. A recent incident regarding the composting of the former governor arose when she was composted with cattle, cats and municipal waste. A lawsuit was filed against the state by the National Natural Shroom Growers Assoc. claiming that the use of the governor in their compost violated their all natural rules.

Mike Mehren, Hermiston

Concerned for service people

I am concerned about our service people who are putting their lives on the line for this great country. Our feelings about what is going on in Washington, D.C., has been dragging on for many, many months.

I spent my time on the front line in Korea. And if this situation were to harden them with combat brothers being wounded and killed daily, my heart would hurt to the core.

After three purple hearts, I was rotated home to my loved ones, but what of those families whose loved ones will never enjoy that freedom they were willing to give their lives for?

Is this still the great land that I came home to in 1952?

Remember that this will be the land of the free only as long as it is the home of the brave.

Yours for a more sincere and dedicated nation.

Dale Sams, Kennewick

GOP love is blind to Trump actions

I guess the Republican Party and Donald Trump's supporters have no qualms about his performance since he took office. Who elected Donald Trump? Foreign powers, who, for their own reasons, elected this president with complicity of the American people, many of whom were duped.

We should, if we were wise, intelligent and discerning people, be very careful about who we choose to marry. Likewise, after the lessons of the last three years, we should be very careful about whom we vote for President of these United States of America!

Sadly when we fall "in love," we are often blind and make bad choices, which can cause a lifetime of negative consequences.

Sharon Van Houdt, Richland

NYT ‘analysis’ needed more care

The Tri-City Herald’s main front page article on Sunday, June 9 amounts to nothing but a New York Times Op-Ed disguised as “analysis.” I thought that good journalistic news stories begin with facts and develop from there. The headline and the entire first paragraph are pure opinion and the remainder of the article is obviously written to slam President Trump. A former executive editor of the New York Times, writing about the paper recently stated, “We have become the anti-Trump of record.”

Is the Tri-City Herald obligated to use the New York Times as its main source of major national news? Is there any concern that by degenerating into their substandard professional methods, that the TCH, like the NYT, will continue losing trust and readership?

Jon Neely, Richland

Editor’s note: The line between a news analysis and an op-ed can be thin. An analysis draws conclusions from facts, while op-eds reflect the opinion of the writer. We use a variety of national news sources that include McClatchy News Service, the Associated Press, Tribune News Service and The New York Times.

This piece looked at President Trump’s different approach to dealing with world problems by mixing economic and national security efforts, rather than keeping them separate as other presidents have done. It’s up to readers to decide if that’s a good or bad policy.

Shameful actions by Team Trump

Shame on Bill Barr for lying to the public about the conclusions of the Mueller Report.

Shame on Mitch McConnell for blocking a bipartisan election security bill.

Shame on the White House for telling the USS John McCain to stay out of sight during Trump’s visit to Japan.

Shame on Trump for not caring if North Korea’s missile tests threatened Japan.

Shame on Trump for the criticism of Robert Mueller, a U.S. veteran, while on foreign soil

Shame on the Republicans for doing nothing about it!

Deanna Whiteside, Kennewick

Dust Bowl lesson now is ignored

One of the biggest ecological disasters in the history of the United States (the Dust Bowl) was created by hard-working farmers with an uneasy conscience. Some farmers were motivated by greed and got what they deserved; others simply wanted to feed their families.

Farmers plowed too much of the Midwestern prairie using cheap, irresponsible methods, to grow wheat. Nothing bad happened at first, but later they created an economic bubble and an ecological disaster that destroyed farmers and their communities. They lost children that died from dust-induced lung disease.

Later, scientists were brought to the fore, showing farmers how to preserve the land and farm profitably at the same time. If left to many of the D.C. politicians, Midwestern America would now be a desert, similar to the Sahara.

There are supporters of Donald Trump who eschew science. Their greed and apathy may result in the extinction of the human race. They’ve never heard of “The Great Dying” – a period in the Earth’s history that we seem determined to duplicate. Their solution is to move to Mars.

I’d rather have rational discussion among scientists, rather than lies, bullying and self-interested trash talk from a “Stable Genius.”

Larry Lang, Richland