Letters to the Editor

Letters: June 27, 2019

Bring good faith to negotiations

Kadlec Medical Center, once the best (health) care provider in the area is moving in the wrong direction. No longer community owned, it is part of Providence, a health care conglomerate, which has lost sight of everything but profitability. The care received at Kadlec was second to none. Nurses were treated by administrators with the utmost respect and compensated fairly to provide unparalleled care. That may now be changing.

Providence — please don’t confuse it with the once highly respected Kadlec — has been in negotiations with caregivers for quite some time. These talks have gone nowhere. Providence is looking to cut costs and increase profitability, and they aim to do that by compensating nurses far less than what they are worth. Despite what Maureen Walsh asserts, nurses do not sit around playing cards. They are fully invested in the care of each and every patient, and they deserve a fair wage package. It’s the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Do you want to risk your loved ones’ well-being so Providence can pay their CEO a larger bonus? Let Providence know you will look elsewhere for your loved ones’ care unless they come to the negotiating table in good faith.

Bruce A. Stemp, Kennewick

Trump’s actions disgust reader

Re: Farm Wives letter from Pat Vance (June 19)

Do I hate Trump? I dislike him for being a chronic liar, for the divisiveness he’s created in our country, for the contempt he’s earned for us internationally, for his pandering to dictators, for his disregard for the rule of law and for his attempts to discredit our justice and intelligence communities. Apparently, these attributes appeal to you. Shall I continue?

Anyone who would publicly ridicule a disabled person, which Trump most definitely did, is a disgusting piece of human waste. I despise him for that; why don’t you?

You call the investigation into Russian interference with our most treasured right a witch hunt, and claim Trump was “cleared.” He wasn’t, and the only reason he’s not under indictment for obstructing justice is that he’s hiding behind his title which, by the way, was awarded to him by the Electoral College, not by the voters.

And, if you want to tell someone to get to work, talk to Mitch McConnell. After two years of inaction by a Republican-controlled congress, he’s refusing to allow the Senate to even consider much of the legislation that has been passed by the current House.

Tim Taylor, Richand

Thanks for lunch, say local veterans

We, the local Veterans who had breakfast at Sterling's on the River in Richland on June 20, would like to thank the person that paid for our breakfasts, 23 of us. Your kindness was well received and we all appreciated your thoughtfulness.

We, local Veterans from all services, all eras and both male and female, gather at Sterling's on the River in Richland every other Thursday, basically the first and third Thursday. All veterans are invited, no agenda, no rules, no dues, just willing to chat or listen or both.

Thank you again from all of us for buying our breakfast.

Don Wicks, Richland

Sex trafficking happens right here

It’s boat race season in the Tri-Cities! You may have heard about the prevalence of sex trafficking in our area during this weekend event. As with most large events that bring groups of people together; boys, girls, women, and men are made available to provide sexual services to buyers at after-parties and private hotel rooms. However, it is important to realize that the majority of the trafficking victims sold to buyers during boat race weekend are already here and being victimized every day of the year. Trafficking does not require travel, it happens right in our own backyard.

The best way to actively prevent sex trafficking is to not buy sex. The men and women who buy prostituted people, also known as johns, play a key role in perpetuating the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation. In addition to the harm inflicted on the exploited person, engaging in paid sex also harms the purchaser, their family and the community. Talking frankly with your friends, coworkers and family about the damage inflicted by buying sex is a great first step toward a safer community.

To learn more about commercial sexual exploitation in Tri-Cities, please call Support Advocacy & Resource Center at 509-374-5391.

Anna Olson, Richland

Fred Meyer deli a great service

On behalf of Club 509 Pickleball, we would like to say, “Thank You” to the manager and support personnel of the Deli at Fred Meyer on 10th Avenue in Kennewick. This is the second year of hosting our Summer Classic Pickleball Tournament. Each year Fred Meyer has provided us with great lunches. One of the recurring comments of the players who attend is that they are impressed, not only with being provided a lunch, but how good they are. Working with Debbie and her team was a pleasure. They were very professional and pleasant. So, thank you again. We appreciate you!

Rita Magnaghi, Kennewick, and Club 509 Pickleball Board Members

River parks key to life in Richland

We love access to the parks and pathways along the (Columbia) River. We love the arts and outdoor concerts in the park. Summer passes and we would love the Performing Arts Center as the centerpiece of Richland at the old City Hall site. Then Richland would be the choice place in the Tri-Cities to enjoy living. Richland would be the center for arts and entertainment.

Joyce McClanahan, Richland

Enforce gun laws already passed

Our great country has been having one mass shooting after another. When they happen, politicians immediately go on the rampage for more gun control laws.

I wonder if they ever stopped to consider the following:

Laws are rules that regulate human conduct. Laws require voluntary compliance to be effective.

With very limited exceptions like self defense, it’s already against the law for people to shoot each other. The shooters obviously do not care what laws are on the books prohibiting shooting others.

What makes politicians (and many on the left) think that passing more gun control laws will get these shooters to suddenly start following the laws? Here’s a different approach to the problem: Enforce the gun control laws that are already on the books.

Mike Lauman, Pasco

Profit strategies harm the public

Cottage cheese used to scoop, now it pours. Cans of beans are 2/3rds full. Meats, injected with salt and water, are stuffed with weighty hidden fat. Side rails on new trucks are optional, instead of standard. Extra money is required to get in.

Significant quality reduction, fewer consumer services and higher charges are touted as boosting industry profits. These strategies rob and rape society’s individuals.

Simultaneously, feedback is almost eliminated as an industry trend. Recently a $4.99 fee was assessed to resolve my cable bill mischarge. And my City of Richland bill was due the date received. Abusive, since the city imposes late fees. This has occurred 3 times. My inquiry, alongside other residents, were never honored with a return call. Services and products have not improved. Residents are captive, yet salaries can’t keep up with increasing charges or profit strategies.

Yet, the city builds a new city hall without a vote, while forcing residents to pay for city sidewalks, lights and drainage on $50,000 in property renovations.

Locally and nationally, abuses are increasing. Transfer strategies to profit from and mute citizens and dependent consumers is an abusive outrage. This approach seems normal in Russia, but shouldn’t be in the USA.

Cheryl Scott, Richland