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Letters: June 19, 2019

Want to write a letter to the editor? Here are some tips

Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Weather damage boosts premiums

If you don’t think climate change is going to affect you, wait until you see your next insurance premium. Stillwater Insurance just increased our premium 35 percent over last year, even though we’ve had no claims. According to our agent, the large increase is mostly due to the damage that has occurred in the South and on the East Coast.

And since Trump thinks climate change is a hoax and has withdrawn from Paris Climate Agreement, we can expect even larger increases as the damage from weather events increases.

Jack Edwards, Richland

Farm wives could get the job done

This letter is addressed to our political parties, mainly the Republicans and the Democrats...Get back to work!

I don’t care if you like President Trump or if you hate him; the fact is, he is our duly elected president so get over it! You’ve had over two years to get over your pout caused by the fact that he (A) defeated Hillary Clinton, and (B) he is an outsider, now it is time to get back to the work that you were elected to do and that you are getting paid for.

He was cleared in the 2-year witch hunt, for which we paid; now it is time to get back to the matters of running the country, (Do you remember what that is?) I am so tired of the screaming rhetoric that is taking place now. You have wasted over two years; do you think you can at least do the job you were hired to do for the next year and a half? If not, the whole lot of you should be fired.

I’ll bet if there were a bunch of farm housewives working in the government they would get things done post haste.

Pat Vance, Kennewick

Rent increase not low for low income

I live in a Low-Income Tax Credit Section 42 rental property. May 31, I received a notice of rent increase of over 11 percent. My guess is that your article on lower rent increases did not include lower income renters. Whats up with that?

Larry Nash, Richland

Unraveling costs of pain medication

I saw a commercial advertising SalonPas as the “1st Choice for Back pain” because they are non-addictive.

Awesome, Medicare and Medicaid covers their cost right? Absolutely not! Out-of-pocket, over-the-counter expense.

I have looked at buying them: price - $10 to $25. Additive pain killer, fully covered. Now tell me, where’s the problem?

Why do they think doctors prescribed pain medication? Their patients were in pain and couldn’t afford the expensive over-the-counter medications. The government programs paid for prescriptions. Now everyone’s saying take away opioid medication (pain killers).

Some like myself who suffer with intense pain need them. I was unable to touch myself due to extreme muscle and joint pain. The pain medication makes it possible. I’m on Medicare. I believe government programs should cover both by doctor prescription — over-the-counter and prescription opioids. Then doctors can provide affordable care.

Example: my doctor wrote a prescription, I took it to pharmacy, cost $489. I called my doctor, he wrote new prescription for older medication, my cost $12. These numbers were my co-pay after Medicare Part D paid its share.

Pam Jones, West Richland

What do Trump backers see?

I wonder what a Trump supporter sees when looking at this president. I see a man who: doesn’t like to read; doesn’t care to learn (”I know more than the experts”); constantly makes things up (for example, “wind turbines cause cancer”); rails against immigrants, but his businesses hire undocumented workers, and he uses “chain migration” for his in-laws; denies science (especially climate change); “loves” ruthless dictators like Kim Jong Un and Putin, but antagonizes democratic leaders; doesn’t understand tariffs (”China pays our treasury”); tells a member of his staff to commit an illegal act and/or lie; has so little empathy that he accepts separating even young children from their parents; doesn’t respect our system of laws (urging Congress to “get rid of judges”).

I’m not a “sore loser” nor “out to get him;” I just can’t respect a man who has any of these characteristics.

Joyce Scherpelz, Richland

Voter feels board betrayed public

This is the letter I wrote to the Richland School Board: I am very disappointed that the Richland School Board does not stand up to the teachers union and give them a "reasonable" raise (not the 13 percent they demanded) that doesn't require lying to us taxpayers to get a YES on the February School Levy! Bill 2SSB 5313 was a disgraceful way to put your foot in a closed door and force it back open.

Yes, you put in some tricky wording and even with all our district legislators (Sharon Brown, Brad Klippert, Matt Boehnke) voting, "NO" on 5313, on the last day of voting, you still are forcing a bigger property tax on us. So tell me how, (when my husband is on Social Security and I work for $15 an hour) do you plan on stripping that extra money from us on a fixed Income?

You need to learn to say no to greedy teachers. They are public servants as are all of you. Shame on all of you! A disgusting display of greed vs need.

Never again will I vote YES for a school levy. You have broken my trust!

Josie Mussman, West Richland