Letters to the Editor

Letters: June 16, 2019

Glad that court stuck to its ruling

I’m pleased the Washington (State) Supreme Court ruled that it’s illegal to deny business services to customers based on their chosen spouses. For those of us born in the middle of the last century, it’s taken a while to understand that love and families are so much more today. I’m sure that 50 years from now most everyone will be fine with gay marriage, as most people are today with “interracial” marriage.

Yes, I’m firmly in the camp that it’s all part of the same conversation, as is the idea that God takes sides. In the case from 1964 that eventually led, in 1967, to the Supreme Court striking down laws banning “interracial” marriage (Loving vs. Virginia), the presiding judge on the originating case, while upholding the law, actually said:

“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow ... and he placed them on separate continents...[which] shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”

That was said by a judge from the bench, looking to the almighty for an excuse to frame the world a certain way. If everyone did the same in public life, imagine how large the sign would be at every business in town, “We do not serve the following ....”

Gene Weisskopf, Richland

Richland ignores many of its codes

Richland has now let its citizens off the hook for licensing their pets — because most people chose to ignore the law. Sounds like a while back when Richland chose to not enforce the fireworks ban in the city limits — because most citizens chose to ignore the law.

We have laws prohibiting use of smart phones while driving; is it apparent to anyone else how many citizens choose to ignore that law? When will the law dealing with talking and texting while driving be aggressively enforced?

Finally, there are numerous city codes dealing with on-street parking of recreational vehicles and utility trailers, with removal of dead trees, dead shrubs, and tall weeds, with repairing damaged sidewalks, and with trimming trees that are obscuring stop signs. They are so obvious to me. Why are they not obvious to city employees who are responsible for enforcing those codes?

To the mayor, city council and city manager: do something positive to counter this lawlessness trend.

Richard Moen, Richland

Private firms need to rejoin transit

The ridership columns Sunday ignored an ongoing conflict overshadowing the “apples" and “oranges" of both studies — customer needs.

Ridership needs involve a 24/7 timetable, with spotty coverage of those needs circa 1980. Following the second BFT Citizens Advisory Council, privately contracted night service and modified fixed routes made tremendous improvements. Coupled with the Freedom pass, I joined thousands of riders meeting the needs of various employers with similar 24/7 needs. ”Economic needs” increased needs for riders starting new jobs, but losing night service meant riders using private assets to secure those new jobs.

Despite changing circumstances, I am sure both executives and union members are striving for the same goal: better coverage more closely meeting ridership needs in the midst of challenging state and local regulations and economics. The “controversy” is still being ignored until current revenues can be channeled to invite the private sector to rejoin the current team.

Roger Derrick, Richland

Republican chair set new moral low

Last week, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said that Memorial Day should be about honoring the president, rather than remembering fallen soldiers of the past. Her rotten sentiment is entirely in line with Trump’s common dishonor(ing) of military figures such as John McCain.

The Republican Party used to have some principles, such as free trade and balanced budgets. All of that is out the window in the current administration. Most Republicans now are moral and spiritual failures, lacking courage, compassion, and conscience.

Voters need to take heed and vote the rascals out.

Eugene R. Walker, Richland

Praise is truth, criticism all fake

The opinion about Fake News (No Fake News In My Class) was entirely misguided. The professor invited The President to attend the class and observe practices there and be swayed by the diligence of the work. Sorry professor, not going to be of any use.

Three years into this presidency and still we misunderstand the man who holds the office. This man, a man, before he was president, therefore this is not an opinion about president bashing, this man holds his own beliefs. Any form of journalism that praises him is journalism and all others are fake. Your "fake news is not tolerated" and "factual errors receive an automatic F" would roll off his back like the water landing on a duck.

If you want to construct a free, independent, fact-seeking, maybe, at times, inconvenient, but honest press, begin schooling your students on the values of voting and working to elect a president who feels he must work with those values in a free, democratic society. Trying to convince a person who truly thinks anyone who says less then "great" things about him and therefore is an "enemy' isn't living in reality to begin with.

Ron Buckland, Pasco

Girl Scout group plans free library

We are Girl Scouts from Troop 5340, and we are working to earn our Bronze Award by making a Free Little Library.

The Bronze Award is the highest award that a Junior Girl Scout can earn. To help the community, we are trying to minimize electronic time and to encourage reading and to become a more involved citizen. Girl Scouts are more than selling cookies.

In Girl Scouts, we learn about nature, art, hiking and working as a team. By selling cookies, we don’t get money just for our troop activities, but we also earn money to support charities and to promote healthy activities and literacy for our community.

Through this project, we have learned a lot about team work and how to be an engaged citizen. We are hoping for our free little library to empower people of all ages and to be inspired by strong female leaders. We hope to see more readers through our project.

For more information on Free Little Libraries in our community, please go to https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/.

Leah Gillette-Fox and nine others, West Richland, Troop 5340