Letters to the Editor

Letters: June 13, 2019

Transit needs higher priority

Using Ben Franklin (Transit) on a regular basis, it’s worrying to see disparaging talk about the service. When you see the elderly, young or simply working people using the service on a regular basis, it’s tough to stomach complaints about how many taxes they take in or low ridership numbers. Not everything is under their control.

Take a ride and see how many stops lack good sidewalks, nearby street crossings or other niceties for getting around on foot. The cities have a hand in making mass transit a priority, not an afterthought, in our rapidly growing community.

Chris Lindhartsen, Richland

GOP Congress got nothing done

A recent letter blamed Pelosi and “Progressive Socialists” for preventing Donald from being the best-ever president in U.S. history.

Donald had two years with a fully Republican-controlled Congress. Did they pass the much-better-than-Obamacare, super-wonderful health care plan as they promised? No. All we got from Donald and the Republicans in those two years were two deplorable Supreme Court “justices,” an unnecessary and harmful trade war, a photo op with a now-nuclearized North Korean dictator, regulations rollbacks that are bad for everything but wealthy people’s bank accounts, a sabotaged ACA and tax reform that flopped for everyone except, again, wealthy people’s bank accounts.

But by all means, continue claiming the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives prevents Donald from excelling now because the Democrats are attempting to hold Donald accountable for his many unethical, criminal and treasonous actions while still passing over 100 bills which the partisan Senate Majority Leader kills in the Senate.

By the way, for all the no-collusion, no-obstruction MAGAs in the audience, Mueller confirmed his investigation (which was begun from credible information) concluded Donald is not innocent. DOJ policy to not prosecute rests solely on the fact that it’s Congress’ job to hold impeachment hearings.

Mike Wilson, Richland

Reclassification idea

The Sunday, June 21, 2015, Tri-City Herald editorial page contained an article by me entitled “Is there a better way to treat tank waste?”

For the past four years since my piece appeared, there has been a cascade of ideas, mostly centered on low activity waste. The concept of “a better way” centered first on alternative waste fixation, mainly grout. More recently, the bad idea of reclassification of low activity waste and diversion to grout is creating a stir.

The initial approach to the challenge of 56 million gallons of tank waste from the Cold War nuclear weapons program was basically flawed in my view by the choice to separate high activity waste and treat it separately. Even so,the scale of melters was entirely inadequate.

My analysis in 2015 was based on a cluster of four, 60-ton-per-day melters, and processing of all 56 million gallons of tank waste without separation. The estimated time frame for this achievement would be about 11 years. The stable glass could be left on the Hanford reservation for at least 120 million years without hazard or harm, even if Lake Lewis returns from its 16,000-year vacation.

John Williford, President, Chrysalis Technology Group, Ltd., Richland