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Letters: June 12, 2019

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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Trump interview held up ceremony

Heil Comrade Trump! You gave an interview to Fox News before attending commemoration ceremonies in France at Normandy.

You were late to the ceremony because you just had to advance your agenda about the immigration problem; a concern having nothing to do with the D-Day ceremonies honoring true heroes. Because you think everything is about you, (our) veterans, many in their 90s, had to wait for you.

I don’t care if one is for or against Trump; I cannot believe that any American believes this interview was appropriate to the occasion. The behavior is selfish and narcissistic. But then you,Trump, dodged the draft because of a bone spur (A bone spur? Are you kidding?) can’t be expected to have any compassion, consideration, or empathy for anyone else.

Who knows how World War II would have turned out if Eisenhower had said, “Wait I have an interview to give first.”

April Nishioka, Richland

Locate water for Yakima Basin

With the adjudication of water rights in the Yakima Basin completed, it’s time to locate the water needed to fulfill those rights.

The current snowpack in the Basin is at 50 percent of normal. The 5 reservoirs are 75 percent full, so proratable water users could get 75 percent or less water than needed. Instream flow in the lower river continues to create a thermal barrier for fish passage and survival. Is there a solution?

The only plan being considered is the floating pump project on Lake Kachess. These 200,000 acre/feet of water would come from 80 feet below the normal water surface and would only be used during drought years.

With climate change, it is possible Lake Kachess would not refill every year after drought pumping. The cost of the floating pumping plant, which will remain on the lake, is estimated to be more than $252 million. Annual costs for maintenance and mitigation will be added. It is anticipated the Roza Irrigation District would pay for the project.

The Yakima River Basin Integrated Plan does not provide the water needed. Roll on Mighty Columbia Roll on . . . send some water to the Yakima Basin!

Charles Clarich, Zillah

Congress needs to do its job

I am concerned that Congress is so busy trying to impeach Trump that members have forgotten why they are in Congress.

The Constitution mandates that they make laws suited to the Constitution and leave the enforcement to the executive branch of government. Such disobedience to the laws for the land is slowly tearing into proper government — and Congress is doing nothing to correct the situation.

Apparently their hunger for power and salary money is greater than their care for the country. I suspect this has led to a lowering of government efficiency and government operation; It certainly explains the oddball actions of multiple candidates running to be elected. My computer info said Pelosi was so vehement that she even made a trip to see if the Pope could advise on defeating Trump.

I am angry that any Congress could disobey the laws of the land trying to change our system. They know better but refuse to act better. Some of their time should be spent in removing obsolete laws from the books. This might offend some lawyers who worry about their own skin but not the greatness of our country.

James C. Langford, Richland