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Letters: May 26, 2019

Want to write a letter to the editor? Here are some tips

Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Telecheck rules prompt complaint

My husband went to home depot here in Kennewick and wrote a $75 check to pay on our account

Which was declined by Telecheck.

I was afraid that our account was hacked so we checked with our bank, and they said we have more than enough money in our account, and it wasn’t hacked. I called Telecheck and was told that it was because we hadn’t written a check since March.

I told her that we shouldn’t have been declined that we have more than enough money in our account. I was told they don’t check with the bank they have guidelines that they go by. No company should have so much control of one’s life.

I have filed a complaint with BBB, Consumer Affairs and the attorney general. I also contacted Home Depot.

Telecheck has so many complaints against them. They really need to be investigated.

Brenda Greenough, Kennewick

‘Sound of Music’ was wonderful

I thoroughly enjoyed Tri-Cities Prep’s recent production of the classic musical “The Sound of Music.” The students were fantastic. Singing along was even encouraged during the Saturday performance I attended. What a treat! I am continually impressed by the talented children, youth, and adults in our arts community. Thank you for staging such a wonderful production. Bravo!

Aaron Richardson, Pasco

Take this letter with dose of Pepto

Never in the history of the United States have the citizens been so fortunate to experience the genius, the economic expertise, and the stunning good looks of our current President! His presence as our leader instantly gives Americans credibility around the world as a superior people for having the wherewithal and foresight to elect him.

I know that the 550 LMSI employees who were unceremoniously booted “outside the fence” by the Clinton administration feel the same.

I am certain that once made aware of this issue, President Trump might come to our aid.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. I think I need to find some Pepto ....

Mark Williams, Kennewick

Why all the fuss over Russians?

I’m curious about all the fuss about Trump and the Russians.

I never heard all this uproar when we helped unseat Batista from Cuba and help install Castro, I never heard complaints later when we tried to have Castro killed, no one complained when we helped Saddam Hussein take over Iraq and supplied him with weapons, later we chased him down and hanged him, no complaints, we set up the Shah of Iran and later his own people turned against him, we set Noriega in Panama and later we chased him down and unseated him.

We turned a blind eye and possibly helped in South Vietnam when they assassinated the leader there.

We even tried to affect the elections in Australia (Falcon and the Snowman) but when it happens to us, it’s a crime against humanity, a travesty. Have we become the arrogant Americans who can interfere with other countries, but they can’t do the same to us.

If the Russians did try to affect our elections, it seems like it’s to be expected, fair play.

Ron Mashburn, West Richland

Is military justice run by ‘softies?’

Ok, I have a question for my fellow veterans. Do you think that those rare soldiers in our military who have committed war crimes so hideous that they have been convicted of same by a U.S. military court should be pardoned? And if so, why? Do you think those military courts were composed of left-wing softies? Really?

What have we come to as a nation?

Dennis Rockwell, Kennewick

Put old City Hall to new purpose

Am I the only one appalled that Richland plans to tear down the iconic city hall to sell the land off to some unknown developer to build what? Another hotel, condos? We’ve seen the attempts of our city planners to create their “walkable downtown,” which managed only to limit traffic lanes and left us with more empty buildings.

I see the historic city hall converted into a market similar to Wenatchee or even the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, Traverse City, Mich. The original building could be remodeled to house year-round beer and wine tasting rooms, event space, retail and food vendors and the annex replaced with covered pull in space for farm trucks to display their wares; think Pasco’s Market.

The tear down starts in June, thus leaving us with another eyesore like the “pit” until something replaces it. Please, tell me why its demolition is the city’s expense and not the new owners if sold? I would rather wait and search for a developer who can preserve the building, if not as a market, for some other adaptive reuse development.

It’s time for new city leadership that values and preserves our community’s history along with urban progress.

Kim Guyette, Richland

Our mentally ill need crisis center

Over four years have passed since Antonio Moreno’s needless death in Pasco, yet the counties and cities have kept the building of an integrated Consolidated Crisis Center on the back burner, and we need to ask ourselves, “Why?”

It’s not for lack of money, as a former county treasurer is willing to testify, saying he identified and procured for Benton County the money to build this center long ago. Supporters believe the money is either being hoarded or squandered on Band-Aid approaches that will not meet the needs adequately.

Meanwhile, mentally ill people continue to die or suffer without adequate treatment: Make our community safer for all, including the mentally ill and the emotionally distraught:

We are overdue for a modern, state-of-the-art Crisis Center that will make us proud and effective as we leave this callous legacy behind us.

Frank E. Lockwood, Kennewick