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Letters: May 12, 2019

Want to write a letter to the editor? Here are some tips

Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Inslee, Trump not comparable

This is in reply to the letter asking why Gov. Inslee is criticized for using state funds and President Trump is not for using Air Force One, etc. Are we to believe that Inslee and POTUS are in the same status of equality. That assumption of the letter writer boggles the mind.

POTUS is utilizing the availability of mandatory items provided for his safety and . . . if you want to call some of them “perks,” that’s okay. But, Inslee is abusing his office by running for an office that is by far above his ability and he has not a chance of attaining that office anyway.

He is therefore wasting Washington State’s resources and certainly also not tending to the business of his office while campaigning. If you are a Republican, why should you have to help the financing of his campaign through the taxes that you pay to the State of Washington. You should also remember that Inslee couldn’t get elected to anything in Eastern Washington, so he had to move to liberal Western Washington to finally win an election.


Earl Martin, Kennewick

Editor’s note: Gov. Inslee was elected the U.S. representative for the Fourth Congressional District and served from 1993-95.

Jadwin repaint a good change

I want to pass along praise to the City of Richland for repainting Jadwin between Williams and Van Giesen with fewer lanes of traffic, plus bike lanes. The section feels remarkably safer to walk, ride and cross. If they could continue that south to the Parkway I think we’d finally have a good route to walk through the core of town.


Chris Lindhartsen, Richland

Free speech dies when silenced

Recently I noticed the front page article which smears Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and others from InfoWars.com as being guilty of hate speech and justifiably removed by Facebook, YouTube, and others from their platforms.

I am a student of the history of freedom. I am also a fan of the infowars.com organization. There are few others like them, such as Julian Arrange or Jimmy Dore who, while liberal, refuse to spout the corporate media line.

Jones and the others cited by this recent article have, according to my feeling and opinion, not been guilty of the things they are commonly attacked. And if they are, let the courts decide and award damages.

Like Donald Trump, the facts are beginning to show that there was “No Collusion, No Coordination, No Obstruction.”

The Clintons on the other hand in the last election cycle had taken over the finances of the Democratic election, rigged their primary against Bernie Sanders, (and) were conspiring with their political allies in the FBI, DOJ, and foreign spies in Russia. I feel this will all come out in the coming months.

Free speech dies not when it is deemed hateful by its opponents, but when it is silenced.


Robert D. Miles, Richland

No animal cruelty or abuse

I noticed a bullfighting event was held at the Toyota Center on May 11. Please tell me that no animal was harassed or injured. We should not condone any form of animal cruelty or abuse in the Tri-Cities.


Barbara Harper, West Richland